Best cities for millennials in South America

The best cities for millennials

If you are a millennial, it may be difficult for you to choose the right city to move to. Whatever is the reason for moving, young people have some requirements when it comes to their future home. Often, they choose a city according to the job offers, rental prices, entertainment choices, etc. Even though everybody has different priorities, for millennials, the most important things are these. That’s why we offer you this list of the best cities for millennials in South America, that can help you choose your new home.

The factors

Before we start listing, you should see what are the factors that help millennials decide on the best city to live and work. Here are some of them.

  • job market – we understand why this is the most important one. A lot is expected from young people nowadays. Jobs they find are never good enough, so a stable and rich job market is number one on the list of priorities.
  • affordability – with the rental and housing pricing going up recently, millennials are the generation where a lot of individuals come back to live with their parents after they finish their education. That’s why affordable housing is also a top priority when choosing the best cities for millennials in South America.
  • crime rate – this one is self-explanatory, young people choose cities with the low crime rate and overall safety.
  • general quality of life – public and health services can improve the general happiness and quality of life of the residents, so it is something that young lean towards to when moving.
  • entertainment choices – a city that is attractive to young people and belongs to the list of the best cities for millennials in South America, should include a variety of entertainment choices. Cinemas, restaurants, rich nightlife, etc. are very important.
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Millennials have precise requirements when choosing the best city to live

Buenos Aires

This touristic epicenter of Argentina is a true gem when it comes to the list of the best cities for millennials in South America. What young people love the most about this city is ethnic and cultural diversity, they can’t experience anywhere else. The mix of Latin American and European vibes is amazing and very interesting for millennials. The 2018 Summer Youth Olympics and G20 summit will affect the atmosphere in the city, and the city’s infrastructure is also improved. Cost of living is lower than in some other popular cities, while the quality of life is definitely higher.


This Uruguay’s gem offers a truly good quality of life to its residents. The economy of the city is flourishing and thriving which resulted in many young businessmen, entrepreneurs and artists come and look for their chances in this city. The city’s nickname – Switzerland of South America, tells us a lot about its lifestyle and economy. The good ratio between working and enjoying life in Montevideo is great so that’s why it makes it one of the best cities for millennials in South America.


The main reasons why millennials love this city is its connection to the other parts of the world. It offers direct flights to the main USA and European attractions and represents a strong point on this list. The economy of Santiago is strong, so the job market is offering a lot. Since there are a lot of expats living here, English is spoken everywhere, which makes it very inviting to the young generation

A tall building in Santiago
Santiago is definitely one of the favorite and best cities for millennials in South America

Santa Maria

A city located on the Caribbean Coast has become a popular destination for millennials recently. First of all, the climate it has is truly something to enjoy if you like outdoor activities and warm weather. The especially interesting aspect is quickly growing nightlife, and many restaurants, bars, coffee shops near the beach. Even though it is not the biggest city in the region, it is becoming more and more popular, with its affordable homes and activities that millennials enjoy.


This relatively small but growing city is one of the best cities for millennials in South America. Why so? It is one of the safest cities in Brazil and it is a mix of urban city life and slow beach lifestyle. Another attractive aspect is that a lot of expats from Europe call this place a home, and that’s why English can be heard everywhere. A safe, dynamic city that offers a lot to the millennial generation. Moving to Brazil? One Moving and Logistics Brazil can help you do this without any problems.

Brazil as one of the top destinations for millennials in South America
Brazil may be your next destination

Moving to South America? Here’s what you should know

When it comes to moving to another country, many people are puzzled by all the things they should think about. Luckily there are companies that can help you and ease the process. It is because they are experienced in moving to another country. For example, if you are relocating your home to Brazil, it is important to choose the best and reliable moving company. To choose the trustworthy company, do some background check online, and see what other people think about it. The other important thing to do is to get the precise moving quote from the company you choose. Also, have the exact list of items you are moving. Another thing is finding a home.

After you choose a city, find the best home for you. Set the budget limit and start searching. The neighborhood you choose should respond to all your needs, and be a place where you could live happily. The best way to find a good neighborhood for you is to go around the city. Also, imagine yourself living in different parts of it.

As you can imagine, moving to a country or a city completely different from what you are used to. It can be scary and difficult. However, as a millennial, you should look at it as a new adventure and a new chapter of your life. Young people should always search for more, and change everything they are not satisfied with. That’s why you need to choose one of the best cities for millennials in South America, and enjoy your new home!

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