Best places to live overseas

Embarking on new adventures is both exciting and dangerous, but is also a part of our nature. Sometimes people take crazy vacations, take up an extreme sport or just challenge their routine on daily basis. One of the biggest moves you can make throughout your life is to travel abroad. But what if you decide to live abroad? It sounds as crazy as it is, but it also very rewarding and insanely life changing. If you are in the process of making a decision to move overseas we are more than happy to give you a couple of ideas… Actually – a lot.

There is a whole world out there for you to explore, but some places might be a bit more attractive than others. It all depends on what are you looking for and what are your priorities. Make sure you have checked our list of suggestions and that you have chosen the best place to live overseas.

  1. If you enjoy warm climate and friendly people, choose Spain

Living abroad
Best places to live overseas – try Spain

Although the economy in this sunny state is struggling, the destinations itself does not seem to decrease in popularity. What makes this country so interesting? The weather is amazing, people are friendly and open to foreigners, and social life is very diversified and incorporated into everyday culture and customs. It is important to know Spanish in order to know your way around, but it is not a difficul language to learn, and locals won’t ridicule you for getting something wrong. And not to forget the food and the music, that can brighten every day. You can learn more about it here.

  1. Looking for stability and peace? Try Switzerland!

Perhaps you are being very responsible with your future steps and looking for a place that can provide you with a solid structure and stability. Look no further, because Switzerland embodies all of those qualities. It has a very high living standard and breath taking nature all around. If you enjoy spending time in the nature you will most certainly enjoy relocation to this country.  English knowledge is also very common, and the unemployment rate is very low, so take this European country into consideration when you pick where you should live overseas.

  1. For an even more exciting relocation, pick New Zealand

Because of its particular position, this country always has exciting job offers open and they welcome foreigners with open arms. The climate is quite good, and if you pay a close attention you will see that the quality of life is very attractive, especially when it comes to healthcare and crime. It will also further spark your sense for adventure with amazing opportunities to try every extreme sport known to men. It is a great place to raise kids and to keep them safe and taken care of.

  1. If you want a more peaceful move, choose Canada

moving overseas
Should I move to Canada

Perhaps moving across the globe is a bit too much for you, and you get paralyzed even thinking about such huge decisions. On the other hand, you do feel the need for a change of scenery. Then perhaps relocating to Canada is your best option.  Not only does the country have an amazing health care system they are also a very friendly country for all expats. Canada is much diversified and several cultures live there comfortably, so you will feel welcomed no matter what is your background.

  1. Move overseas to the heart of Europe – Germany

You can’t really say that you moved overseas if you stayed in the same continent, so why don’t you take Europe into consideration? Or to be even more precise – Germany! What is so interesting about this country? Well, for starters it has great healthcare and education systems, and it isn’t too expensive to live in. Its location allows you to be connected to the entire Europe, so it’s a very interesting destination if you want to live overseas. It has also been voted very safe country to live in by its citizens.

  1. Move to Singapore for a lively experience

Perhaps Europe feels just a bit too safe and predictable. If your sense for adventure is driving you even further, Singapore might just be what you are looking for. Many expats choose to live in this country after moving overseas because of its economy and the fact that it is very desirable to raise children. Its safety and multiculturalism is what normally drives people towards this lively country. And you will probably be surprised to hear that this country ranked first in the world when it comes to the quality of education.

  1. Check out Hong Kong if you are career driven and looking for a change of pace

Moving across the pond
Move overseas – Hong Kong awaits!

Although technically not a country, Hong Kong seems to be quite independent from mainland China and an entire entity on its own, even when it comes to the governing and laws. This country attracts ambitious individuals who are looking for a place with a lot of opportunities where hard working people can have good income and possibilities for career advancement. This is closely connected with a very diverse social life, so it’s a no surprise this country is very popular when it comes to living overseas. Besides great employment opportunities, this country also offers great healthcare system and advanced education standard, making it a great place to raise a family.

It is not an easy thing to do – choosing to live overseas. Fear of not fitting in, being away from home and generally not being able to succeed can stop you from making that decision. But don’t let doubt and insecurities prevent you from having an amazing experience, broadening your horizons and living out of your comfort zone. With the technology, we have nowadays it is pretty easy to keep in touch, and to look up anything you might not know. So, check out our list again and see what suits you best. Good luck choosing and make sure you have checked out our post about moving abroad on a budget.

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