Chicago’s best family neighborhoods

A view of Chicago's best family neighborhoods from the sky.

Living in Chicago, IL is a big opportunity in life, not only for you but for your kids too. Raising a family is a big responsibility for you and your spouse, and of course, you want only the best for kids. That’s why you want to choose one of Chicago’s best family neighborhoods and to move there. How to choose, where to move, how to be sure you are making the right call? First of all, calm down and do your research.

How to choose a neighborhood for your family in Chicago?

There are many perks of living in a large city such as Chicago, but it also has many different neighborhoods. Some of them are good for Millenials, young professionals, seniors, and some are perfect for families and raising the kids. How to choose the right place for your family in Chicago?

House in Chicago.
Looking for a new family home is exhausting, but it is easier when the neighborhood is good
  • Check the crime rates in the neighborhoods because Chicago’s best family neighborhoods must have very low rates.
  • You can also contact the local police department and ask about the neighborhood’s safety. It is the best source of information about crime.
  • Visit neighborhood and drive around the block, the first impression is important. Pay attention to vandalism signs such as broken windows and offensive graffiti.
  • Talk to locals and check their experience with living in that particular area of Chicago.
  • If you are moving to Chicago for a new job, calculate your commuting time.
  • Schools are also one of the most important factors when choosing a family neighborhood. Visit a couple of schools in Chicago and check the rates.
  • Is public transportation available and what are the options during peak times and weekends?
  • The costs of living and housing shouldn’t be high. For most people, money is also a deciding factor.
  • Ask a real estate agent about property taxes and how fast they are growing.
  • Easy access to Chicago’s amenities and a big choice of family-friendly spots are a big advantage.

How to move to Chicago with a family?

To be focused on your family, prepare your children for relocation, and spending time with them, you should have professional help during the moving process. Moving to Chicago can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are not from Illinois.

A family of 3.
Spend time together with your family and enjoy after moving. It is possible with a moving company on your side

One of the best and safest solutions is to hire a reliable moving company in Chicago who can handle your move with ease. You already have enough job with finding a good neighborhood, school, transferring school records, finding for a new family home, etc. The list is long, but you can cut one big task, which is packing and transportation of your household items.

Wolley Movers Chicago is one of Chicago’s companies with experience. Make sure to hire a company with insurance and license. To be focused on your family, you shouldn’t worry about your items and delays.

The list of Chicago’s best family neighborhoods

If you don’t know where to start with choosing, first research neighborhoods. Some of Chicago’s best family neighborhood according to affordability, safety, schools, and amenities are listed below. Before choosing, pick neighborhoods (for example, top 3) you liked the most and visit them.

Chicago at night.
Chicago has plenty of beautiful neighborhoods, choose one, perfect for your family


A small neighborhood in Chicago with affordable homes, good schools, low crime rate, and amazing nightlife. Also, it is one of the best places in Chicago to buy a house and a median home price is $355,000 and the median household income is $166,000. If you are looking for an urban area, this may the top one among Chicago’s best family neighborhoods that are also urban.


If your dream is to live near the water (Lake Michigan) and to raise a family, at the same time, this is the place. Median home value is $241,000 and the average rent $1,050 which makes it a neighborhood with very affordable housing. It has numerous parks, restaurant, easy access to amenities, bars, your kids can try kayaking on the lake, enjoy the sandy beaches, etc. Visit it and find your Chicago relocation experts in Edgewater to help you move.

West Loop

West Loop is near Chicago’s downtown and expressways. It has good schools and safe streets, but also, the center with bars is near. Musicians also choose this neighborhood in Chicago, because there are a lot of bars, clubs near, and it has an urban feel. Chicago’s music scene is fast-growing, and if you or your kids are musicians, you should move to Chicago with instruments.


Beverly is a large historic district with green spaces, beautiful homes, and low crime rates. It is quiet and people are friendly. If you want to buy a house for you and hour family in Chicago, it is one of the best places to invest in. The median home price is $310,000 and the average rent is only $500. Schools here are highly rated, and another big advantage of living in Beverly is the low costs of living. 31% of residents are families with kids, it is a good sign too.


A place where you always have something to do. Museums, theaters, shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Good for parents and good for kids too because it is safe and schools are highly rated. One of the disadvantages is a median home price at $450,000 (the highest on this list), but on the other hand, it has a lot to offer for that price.

Printers Row

Printers Row is another of Chicago’s best family neighborhoods where you can start your life and raise kids. It has everything that a family neighborhood should have, such as an affordable house, good schools, and low crime rate. Also, it is not only a good neighborhood for families, but also for young professionals.


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