College relocation checklist

College relocation checklist

Moving for college is a very exciting beginning of a new chapter in life. Students will get in touch with a new environment, new friends and new situations. So, it’s good to be well-prepared for what’s ahead. For that purpose, check out this college relocation checklist. That way, even though you’re excited, you won’t forget anything.

College relocation checklist

When they have to move, some people deal with moving anxiety, or in a better-case scenario, they tend to get quite excited. As a result, they forget to bring or do something important, and they have to deal with an inconvenience because of that. The best way to not let that get in the way of getting things done is having a checklist. By making a checklist and sticking to it, you can make sure that you’re getting prepared for your college life. First of all, make sure you have all the information you’ll need.

Ask your roommate all the important questions

In order to not double up, ask your future roommates (if that’s an option) what they’re bringing. This is especially important with bigger items, like furniture. But, if you happen to be in Brooklyn, and you have less space because of doubling up, fear not. Contact U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn and store your belongings there. After you finish college, you can get your belongings back and take them to your new apartment.

Hire a good moving company

Of course, you can do everything by yourself. Packing, organizing everything, bringing your stuff to college, etc. But, you can also hire a good moving company to do this for you. Since there are things that only you can do, this way you’ll be able to do them more efficiently. And, when choosing your moving company, it’s important to consult the moving reviews. Also, after the move, know that writing a moving review can help other people make a good decision too.

Before the move-in day

In order to make a college relocation checklist, it’s a good idea to get a list of what is and what is not provided by the campus facilities. So, in order to learn how to pack, do your own research and make a list of the things you need. Get informed about the following things:

  • What is the size of your dorm room?
  • Is there any furniture in the room?
  • How big is the closet?
  • What objects are not allowed on the campus?
  • What type of mattresses are provided?
  • Do you need to bring any rugs or carpets?
  • Do you need to bring any drapes, curtains or another type of window coverings?
  • Are there any laundry rooms on the campus?

Remember the checklist

Now it’s time to get packing. While it is understandable that you want to bring a lot of your stuff from home, try to prioritize. If you happen to study in New York, and you’re not really good with prioritizing, it’s good to know how to prepare for storing your belongings in NY. But, if you do go by this checklist, storing your belongings doesn’t have to be an option.

Dining supplies

Your campus dining hall should have everything you need for eating there. However, it’s useful to have supplies for in-room dining. Also, you might need them if you go on a picnic or a camping trip.  A supply of plates, plastic cups, bowls, and the most basic silverware might come in handy in those situations. Also, don’t forget about the microwave-safe containers.

Medication and toiletries

Bring only the most important medications

First, don’t forget to bring your medications. Next, pack the basic toiletries that you can’t go without. Also, don’t forget about your towel and flip flops, since dorm bathroom might be communal.


You also need to bring what you need for the local laundromat or an on-campus facility. For example, you should have some detergent, stain remover, quarters, and collapsible hamper or laundry basket. Also, consider bringing a drying rack and clothes steamer, since you might need them too.


Maybe the most important thing to bring are your ID cards, bank cards, and your passport. Also, your health and dental insurance cards and other medical documentation are quite important. And to be on a safe side, copy all of your important documents and store them in a safe. If you happen to lose them, you will save yourself from a lot of trouble by having a copy.


Try not to complicate it too much. Pack clothes for every day as well as for workout, and also bring formal wear for special occasions. Consider the local weather of all the seasons at the location of your college. But also, don’t overpack. You can always go back home and repack.


Bring any type of bedding (bed sheets, pillowcases, pillows, and blackest) you consider the most comforting for you. Natural materials like wool, feathers or silk are always a better option to use than any other synthetic material.


Make sure you pack all the necessary electronics

You’re definitely going to need a laptop, a charger, as well as your cellphone charger. Also, a portable charger and headphones might be very useful. Try to remember any other electronics that you’ll need for your college life and then check out these tips for packing electronics.

Don’t forget

Woman throwing books in the air
Don’t forget to bring your school supplies

No college relocation checklist would be complete without school supplies. Notebooks, highlighter, sticky notes and, of course, a backpack, might be the most important things to pack. Also, since you want to bring a part of your old life, pack the pillowcase from your old room, or a nice picture or a postcard that you can put on your wall. That way, you’ll always have a piece of your home with you.

Bring a positive attitude

It’s normal to be a bit anxious about your future college life. But, let this also be an essential item on your college relocation checklist – bring a positive attitude. This is a new and exciting stage in everyone’s life and it will surely bring new challenges to help you grow. But, it will also bring wonderful new moments that you will cherish forever.

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