Depression after moving to a new city

Girl feeling depression after moving to a new city.

Moving is a new chapter in your life and everything will be new and unfamiliar. That can be scary, good, stressful, and exhausting at the same time. Depression after moving to a new state or even city is a common situation. But, with only simple tips, you can handle moving depression without a lot of problems and obstacles.

How to recognize moving depression?

First, you need to know and to recognize symptoms of a moving depression. So, how to do it and what are the symptoms? Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Weight loss or weight gain are symptoms of depression after moving.
  • Insomnia or sleeping all day long. Are you sleeping more than usual (sleeping more than 12 hours is a problem), or you cannot sleep?
  • Do you have a lack of interest? People with depression are tired all the time and they do not have interest in usual daily activities.
  • Low energy and problems with concentration.
  • Feeling guilty for something you did not do or worthless is one of the signs.
  • If you do not have the interest to meet a new city and people that is another sign of moving depression. When you are in a new city, you will want to explore it as much as you can. So, if it not the case with you, that can be a sign of depression too.

If you recognize these signs on yourself or on some member of your family, ask for professional help. Sometimes depression can be hidden behind the smile. Pay attention to the behavior of your kids, partner and of course, you too. Moving depression is more difficult when moving abroad than when moving locally. So, in both cases, learn how to recognize the first signs of this illness.

People around one girl on the street.
Even when you are surrounded by a lot of people, you may feel alone and depressed, unfortunately.

How to defeat depression after moving?

Talking about depression after moving to your new home is very helpful. When you see the first signs, immediately take the first step to beat the depression. Stress-free relocation is probably impossible, but you can minimize it which will help you with your depression a lot.

Make new friends and explore a new city

Try to meet new people in your new neighborhood after moving, even it is hard and you are not willing to. Friends will give you what you need and your nostalgic after moving will be behind you. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and be open. After a while invite them to a cup of coffee or tea. Also, be friendly at work.

Sitting with new friends.
Meet new people at work or in the neighborhood too and explore a new city. Be friendly and open to new friendships.

Exploring your new city is also important after moving and it will help you a lot with a moving depression. Especially if you are moving alone, without family or partner. So, why do not you meet the city? Find your new favorite spot and restaurant or bar. Visit museums, sports games, theaters, etc. If you love shopping, buy something nice for you and for your new home.

Learn how to say YES to new things

If you new friends or colleagues ask you to join them for a drink after work, just say YES! It is one of the ideas about how to meet new people in a new city. Also, if you new neighbors invite you on a dinner, buy a bottle of wine and go. That can be a great opportunity for you. Every new friendship is welcome at this point.

Throw a party for your family and old friends

After unpacking, call you old friends and family to a party or dinner. Introduce them to your new and beautiful home. It is another way to overcome depression after moving to a new place. Accepting abrupt change is easier when you have friends and family near you. When you si familiar faces around you, you will feel much more relaxed. Also, familiar items and furniture will help you.

Dinner on a table for a family.
Make dinner for your family and friends in your beautiful new home. Seeing familiar faces is helpful.

Spend time on yourself

Give yourself time and spend it on yourself. Do not be hard on yourself and relax a little bit. Moving is a normal part of life. Moving and packing are over, and that was the hardest part. Now, you can give yourself a little bit more time on adjusting to a new home and city you are now.

Try something new and do something crazy

The new city gives new opportunities, so try them. Use living in a new city to try something you have never done before. For example, do a fun thing you would not do under normal circumstances, but now it is maybe necessary because of your moving depression. Try yoga, pilates, basketball, arts, etc. Opportunities are endless. Find a new hobby for you. That is also a great way to meet new people and to adjust to the new environment.

Taking photos in a new city.
Find a new hobby. Photography is a great option because you will explore your new home city from a different angle.

Find professional help

Do not be scared if you notice that you or your kid have depression after moving. You just need to react and handle it with a therapist or other professional. Moving is a big event in life, so it is normal to feel a little bit different or unsecured. Do not close your eyes in front of moving depression, deal with it. If you cannot handle it by yourself, be free to ask for help. A professional therapist can help you deal with you moving depression or anxiety. It is normal to have a little help if it is needed.

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