Helping your dog adjust to a new home

A cute puppy to illustrate how you can help your dog adjust to a new home.

You are moving? Of course, you cannot leave your best friend – your dog. Move together and have fun. Relocation is very stressful, not only for you. Dogs have feelings too, they can be depressed or sad. A new home is a big difference for them. Helping your dog adjust to a new home is part of a moving process, a very important part.

It is not simple to move with pets and you probably need some tips to make it easier for you and easier for your dog too. Luckily, we have some to help you out.

Hire a moving company for pets

The first problem to solve is how to transport all your items, yourself, and your pet too. If you are moving in a car, your dog can be with you. But, if it is not an option, what to do? Is there a special moving company for pets? Yes! There is.

A dog in a car.
Research all the options of how you can help your dog adjust to a new home

Also, if you want to be focused on your dog and to give a lot of attention, you cannot, pack, drive a vehicle, everything by yourself. Find a moving company that can do everything instead of you. Easy, efficient, and affordable. Do research, find a company online on They are one of the companies that can move your dog and moving boxes too.

How to help your dog adjust to a new home – tips, and tricks

Do you need tips to help you with relocating with a dog and helping your dog adjust to a new home after moving? If you do, then you are in the right place. With a few simple steps, you and your dog will be happy. Your dog may feel depression after moving, so try to prevent it.

Don’t change the routine

Keep your dog’s routine, no matter how hard it is we know it is during the moving process. After moving, your dog should eat at the same time, go out for a walk every day (a couple of times a day if you live in the apartment without a backyard), etc. Stay on schedule, even if it means to stop what you are doing at that time. Dogs are emotional and more observant than you probably think, that’s why they need a routine to make relocation easier to handle.

Pack essential moving box for your dog

This task you be done before moving. An essential box for your dog should contain everything that is important to your dog. Items that are used every day.

  • A blanket and a bed where your dog is sleeping, but not a new one. New smells are not recommended right after moving into a new home
  • His/her favorite toy to help your dog adjust to a new home
  • Enough food for a couple of days after the move, until you find a new pet store
  • Also, a dog’s favorite treats for being good
  • Water, if you are not sure it is turned on in a new home

Be patient if you want to help your dog adjust to a new home

Patience is the most valuable thing, especially when moving with pets. Your dog will run around be exciting, sad, happy, confused, all at the same time. Moving with your furry friend can be simple, with the right help, tips, and patience.

Dog sleeping in woman's arms - cuddling can help a dog adjust to a new home
Give your dog a lot of love, spend time together, and be patient

Dogs are different and they have different personalities. If your dog is hyperactive and loves to run around, try to understand. A new home, new smells, and it is in their nature to explore. Maybe your dog’s behavior will change in a new home until he/she adjust.

Don’t save your love and attention

Dogs (and other pets too) need A LOT of love and attention, especially if you have changed a home. Everything is new to them and sadly, some dogs get very depressed after moving to a new home. That is why this step is the key for your dog to be happy. So, give your furry friend a lot of love, don’t save it. You should spend time on the floor and playing together. Go out in a park, where other dogs are. Walk and explore a new neighborhood together.

Don’t buy a new gear

The smell is important for dogs. So, don’t buy everything new immediately after moving. Not only your dog’s blanket, bed, toys, and food, but also your furniture. It is a familiar smell and it is a big change that the home is new. If you add new furniture too, it is going to be harder for your dog to adjust. Of course, some homes are already furnished, but in that case, try to keep old routines and don’t change his/her items.

Set up a space for your dog

Immediately after arriving at a new home, the first thing to do should be setting up your dog bed and space for a dog. If you have young kids too, first set up your kid’s items, of course. To handle the moving day, there is a lot of things to do, and there will be a lot in your mind. But, if your dog is happy, you will be too. Set a bowl with favorite food, banket, water, and have a treat with you.

2 friends drinking tea and sitting with a dog.
Go out with your dog together, do not leave him/her alone

Stay at home after moving

If you are able, try to stay at home with your dog a couple of days after moving. It will help your dog adjust to a  new home because he/she will not feel lonely. When you start to go out, do it gradually. Start with 10-15 minutes, then do it for 30 minutes, etc. If you need to go to work, then ask someone to watch your dog. After those few days, your dog will get to know the house, and it will be much easier for both sides.

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