Florida storage unit organization hacks

Florida storage unit organization

Storage units are very useful in many situations. Especially if you are moving, going away for a long trip, or simply need some more space away from your home. However, if not used correctly, storage spaces can become a mess you don’t want to visit ever again. It can become difficult to find some items, and very easy to lose and damage them, too. Therefore, it’s best to organize your Florida storage unit so you can access it any time and find your items without problems. That’s actually fairly easy to do. With our simple Florida storage unit organization hacks, your unit will be ready in no time.

How to choose your Florida storage unit in the first place?

Be sure to choose a storage unit you can really use, whether it’s a short-term or long-term storage. Check the items you need to store first. Then, decide what would be the perfect unit size for you. Don’t take a unit too big – you don’t have to spend more money than necessary, especially when trying to deduct the moving expenses. But also, don’t choose a unit too small, because over-storing can lead to damage to your items.

Next, pick a company that offers safe and reliable units so you can be sure that your items are protected while you’re not here. If you need a storage unit for a long time, North Miami Beach offers long term storage units you can use without worries.

Last, but not the least – check the safety and availability of the unit. See if there are any security systems, as well as protection from flood/fire, etc. Next, check what hours you can access your unit – and see if that works well for you.

Climate – controlled units?

Not all of the storage units have climate control, and when they do, it costs a bit more. However, having a climate-controlled storage unit can be an amazing thing. Therefore, to decide if you need one of those, see what items you’re about to store and go through the reasons to rent climate-controlled storage units. Each situation is different, so be sure to think about it carefully.

Florida storage unit organization hacks

Next, we come to the Florida storage unit organization. It’s very important to have a tidy, organized storage unit, especially if you have a lot of smaller, delicate items inside. A messy unit would make it difficult to find and reach most of the items, and can potentially lead to losing or damaging them. Let’s see how you can keep your storage unit nice and tidy.

Before you store your items

There are certain steps to take before you actually bring your items to the storage unit. So, before you come to the Florida storage unit organization, be sure to:

  • Clean the unit – Give your storage unit a thorough clean, so you make sure your items are kept in the best conditions.
  • Make an inventory list – If you have a lot of smaller items, rather than just a couple of bulky pieces of furniture, an inventory list can help you a lot. Write what are the items you’re about to store. This way, you can check some items if you forget about them after some time. Furthermore, this is a safety tip, too – it’s good to have a proof what is inside your unit in case of a burglary, flood or any other accident.
  • Label everything – If you put items in boxes or bags, be sure to label each one of them. This way, it will be much easier to find the items after a long time. Don’t forget to label your boxes when packing too – it’s one of the very useful packing organization tips.
  • Place palettes on the floor – It’s good to have your items raised off the floor, to protect it from flood, bugs, etc.
packing supplies used for Florida storage unit organization
When packing your items, be sure to label everything for the best Florida storage unit organization.

How to store your items properly

After you prepare your storage unit, it’s the time to bring and store your items. Here are the main Florida storage unit organization hacks to follow in this process.

Dismantle the furniture

We often have some bulky, heavy items that are hard to handle. And sometimes, you will need to move them around the storage unit to reach some other, smaller items. Therefore, it’s best to dismantle those pieces, if possible. It will be easier to move but also protect them from damage.

Keep bigger items you hardly use in the back

Pack your storage unit wisely. Bigger items that you don’t use very often, should be in the back, so you can easily reach smaller items that you maybe use a bit more frequently.

Make some space between the boxes

When you place your boxes and furniture, be sure to leave a ‘path’ between them (at least one or two, depending on the unit size). This way, you can easily reach the back part of the unit without moving all the boxes in the front.

a woman carrying a large cardboard box
Place your boxes wisely, so you can reach them later.

Use the shelves

Shelves give you additional storage space without taking the space of the floor. If there aren’t any shelves, ask if you can install them yourself. It’s an easy, cheap but very handy investment.

Store vertically

To maximize the space of your Florida storage unit, be sure to stack the boxes on top of each other, and place the furniture upright. This way you’ll store more items inside the unit. Also, if you turn your boxes in a way you can see the labels, finding the items you need will be a piece of cake.

piles of books
Stack your items and boxes in a way you can maximize the storage space.

Do you need storage because of the relocation?

Moving is the most common reason people get a storage unit. So, if you are about to relocate, be sure to pick professional movers to help you out.  An excellent choice is Orange Movers Miami. They can easily deal with your relocation and take care of your items safely and skillfully. Having an experienced professional to help you out means a safe and stress-free relocation everybody deserves.


It’s not a piece of cake to find the perfect storage and deal with the organization. But once you do it, you’ll be more than satisfied. With our Florida storage unit organization hacks, it will be easy to store your items and find them whenever you need them and have a tidy, organized unit.

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