How to declutter a garage

Dirty, messy shelves and drawers.

A lot of garages don’t serve their primary purpose due to being occupied by different items that have nothing to do with cars. A cluttered garage is not only an eyesore but also a potential health hazard. So, if you have one of those messy garages that serve as storage space for everything but cars, it is time to do some decluttering and put your garage to better use. Let’s learn how to declutter a garage and keep it clutter-free.

Purge what is no longer needed

The first step toward having a clutter-free garage is eliminating everything you don’t need. Go through your stuff and select the items you have not used in over a year. Those need to go. Sell what you can, donate and toss the rest. This step is particularly important when moving your garage to a new home. Why waste money and energy on moving things you’ll never use? In case you cannot get rid of some items that are cluttering your garage, find another place to store them. Great storage facilities are available in every major city.

A wooden sign with the words ''chaos'' and ''order''
If you cannot walk freely through your garage, let alone park your car, it’s time to start decluttering.

The organization is key when decluttering a garage

Next, you need to take everything you’re keeping out and clean your garage. Then, put everything back in the right order. Separate all items into groups. The items you rarely use should go inside first. They belong in places that are harder to reach. Those items you frequently use should be easily accessible. Also, try to keep the items that have a similar purpose together – for example, sports equipment, gardening tools, auto care, holiday decorations, etc. Packing your belongings using plastic boxes of different sizes helps keep them in one place, especially if they are small.

Use the walls

A garage isn’t just for cars. We store bicycles there, too. If they take up precious space on the floor, you can easily put them up on the walls. Hooks, racks, and shelves help maximize space. Go to your nearest hardware store, closet accessories store or bicycle shop and purchase clips that can support your bikes. You can install shelves or baskets for biking gear as well. Of course, you can use these shelves for other sports equipment, such as skis, rollerblades, balls, golf clubs, helmets, baseball bats, and tennis rackets. If there is still some space left on the walls, hang your workshop tools and garden supplies as well. If the walls aren’t enough, a ceiling storage system can help declutter a garage.

Shelves and a wall with tools - an example of how to declutter a garage.
Once you learn how to declutter a garage, you’ll be able to use the same tricks to declutter any other room.

Use foldable furniture

Practical furniture helps a lot when decluttering your home. If space in your garage is tight, it is a good idea to install a fold-down table, in case you need one. This is a table you won’t use every day, so why let it limit your much-needed space? A chair or bench you can easily fold is another practical piece of furniture to have in your garage. A bench with storage space is also an idea to consider.

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