How to negotiate with interstate movers – 2020 guide

A handshake deal, a result to hope for when you negotiate with interstate movers

Why is an interstate move more complicated than a local move? Well, for starters, you need to double-check everything, especially considering all of the tasks that you need to do. And of course, a lot of it has to do with the fact the interstate move is not cheap. So, you really have to keep track of your money when moving. But, there are ways that you can make your money worth, even with this kind of move. First, you need to find good, reliable movers. And then, you need to negotiate with interstate movers and try to save for that moving budget. But, if you don’t really know how to do this, here are some tips.

Learn how to negotiate with interstate movers

If you manage to get a good price when negotiating with interstate movers, congratulations! You should be happy that you managed to do this since interstate moves are expensive affairs.

Coins spilling out of the jar.
Why not save some money by negotiating with interstate movers?

So, getting a good deal from your movers is a great thing. But, in order to do this successfully, there are several things that you should consider:

  • DIY move or professional movers – a common misconception about relocation is that the DIY move is cheaper
  • The distance from your old home to your new home
  • All the services you are going to need from your movers
  • In order to negotiate with interstate movers, keep in mind the time of your move.

But first, you should know that the movers’ rates are usually not firmly established and can be influenced. And, you don’t have anything to lose if you try to negotiate with interstate movers. However, what you can get is a lower estimate.

Should you even bother negotiating with interstate movers?

You want to get a good price, of course. But even more so, you want to get a good service. So, before trying to negotiate with interstate movers, make sure that you choose a good, reliable company. Try to get a recommendation from someone you know, or trust. Or check out some reviews and find good ratings from satisfied customers. However, you should definitely stay away from shady, low estimates. These are usually a sign that the company is fraudulent. So, before you even start negotiating, check if the company is even worth considering, let alone negotiating.

Remember, hiring reliable movers is more important than getting a low price

Explore your options

What if you know you’re dealing with reliable interstate movers, but, but their high price is still keeping you back from going with them? Well, you can try to negotiate with these interstate movers, but before that, you should explore all the options. The quotes vary from one company to another, so why consider only one moving company. So, get several estimates before making the decision. This will give you the information you need, as you need to know what you’re negotiating for, in the first place.

Use it to your advantage

In order to have some bargaining power, when negotiating with interstate movers, compare offers from at least a couple of professional companies. And, ask for an on-spot estimate from these movers. This way, the written estimate that you get, guarantees that the final costs will be very close to the estimate.

Notebook and a pen.
It’s worth much more if you get it in writing

What about additional services?

There are additional services that interstate movers offer. And of course, there are fees and charges related to these services. But, what’s important is that these fees are part of the reason why you should negotiate with interstate movers.

  • What kind of services do you need? You can use these additional services to your advantage when negotiating with interstate movers. If you don’t use some of the extra services, that are included in the price, try to lower the price. Or if you’re paying for all the services, use that as a reason to lower the price. After all, they get more money if you’re paying for the whole package.
  • What about packing? Are you going to do it, or the movers. Or, you can pack together, if your movers agree with this. For example, you can pack some items, while leaving specialty items or heavy items to them.
  • Get the unexpected expenses out of the way. Some companies use unplanned fees as an excuse to charge you anything. So, get this out of the way immediately. Ask how they charge the loading and unloading and dissembling and assembling of the furniture. Even better, try to get it in writing. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what your final bill will look like.

Have fun with it!

Try not to take the negotiating with interstate movers so seriously. Yes, saving some money is important and beneficial. But, try to be playful and enjoy this process. Yes, the worst-case scenario is that you’ll have to pay the full price. But, if you try, you can save some money. So, there’s nothing to lose if you try, so why not do it?

Time to negotiate with interstate movers

Usually, most movers will rather lower the price, than lose the business opportunity. And there’s a good chance you’ll see that yourself if you mention their competition and their price. So, you can use the competitiveness in the industry to your advantage. What you can do, if you’re not satisfied with the price, is to contact your movers and tell them their competitors have offered you a better price. So, give them your bid and ask them of they wany to outbid their competition or price-match. Also, use the time of your move or some special circumstances to your advantage. If you’re moving off-season, there’s a good chance you’ll get a better price. The reason is that the movers need more business if the market is not good. So, like everyone else on the market, moving companies respond to coronavirus and other events on the market.

What’s really important

If you can negotiate with interstate movers and get a good price – great! But, if you can’t, you should keep in mind the quality of the service is more important. If you’re sure that these movers are good, then go with them. Why risk it and have an awful experience, only because you were promised a good deal. So, weigh the pros and cons and make a smart and educated decision.

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