How to prepare for a move in one week?

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When you want to prepare for a move it can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you want to do everything at the last moment. So, the key to a successful and stress-free move is to get organized as quickly as possible. If you are not sure how to do so, we will help you. It is not a big deal if you need to prepare for a move in one week. It is completely manageable, you just need to find out how. And one of the answers lies in hiring professionals to assist you with moving home. However, this doesn’t mean that you should hire the first movers you come across, there is still somewhat of investigation you have to do.

A checklist is a must when you prepare for a move

First things first, create a checklist or a to-do list. It is practically the same just a different name. Call it whatever you like, just create it. On that checklist, you have to right in order for yours to do things for your move. Things like:

  • Finding last minute movers
  • Check if they have a permit
  • Gather friends who can help you pack
  • Find or buy moving boxes
  • Check out my new place again to see what can fit where
  • Declutter (give away the things you no longer use, do not throw them away

Not necessarily in this order. You can manage your list as you feel most comfortable. But it is something that you should definitely create for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have all the time in the world to prepare for a move or just one week. Checklists are a great way to follow everything that you do, the things that are pending and scratching of the list the things that you finish. It is a great feeling when you see that your list is shrinking until you come to that last task on the list.

Prepare for a move with a checklist is easier
Having a checklist makes things easier

Finding movers

Once you made some order in your head and on the paper next thing to do is to try and find the last-minute movers. This can be a challenge. The reason is that finding some good movers can be hard sometimes, especially if you are looking for them last minute. However, this is not an impossible task. What you have to do in this case is to call as much as companies possible. Do not get depressed and disappointed, if the first three or four companies tell you that they don’t have some free movers in such short notice.

This is something that is bound to happen. But, the more calls you make the bigger are the chances that you will find someone who is available at the time that you need. The best thing you can is to put in charge someone who will dial while you are creating your own way of the move. And don’t get upset there is an awesome solution to this – you can hire professional movers like Ample Moving NJ. A good moving company can help you move your moving boxes with ease.

A man carrying boxes
     Movers can make your move stress free

Friends are there when you need them

There are things you can do while your partner, sibling or someone else is trying to find some available movers. In some cases, the movers that you are looking for might be able to unavailable or too expensive. You can gather as much as friends are possible and start packing. Everyone should be in charge of something. Like, finding boxes, and packing fragile items in those boxes while other friends should start packing your clothes.

This way, you will already prepare, let’s say, half your move. And the friend who is packing your fragile items should inform himself first. He should prepare to do that without breaking or damaging anything. Also, finding good boxes is an important part of your checklist. If you cannot get them for free in a nearby store you can find them cheap in convenient stores. They are equipped with boxes for all kind of packing.


When people are moving declutter is the word they hear the most. When you prepare for a move this is a great way to get rid of some things that you probably already forgot you have them. This doesn’t mean that you should throw things away especially if those things are in a good condition. One of the ways to remove the things you are no longer using is to give them away. From clothes to the items that are in your house you no longer use or need like lamps, old closet and similar. Someone can really have used from those things, especially clothes. However, if there are things that you would like to keep but for now you have nowhere to place them renting a storage unit can be a good solution as well. And yes all of this is possible to do in one week.

De-cluttering can help with your move
Give away all the things that you no longer use

Check the new place again

Before you move, go to your new place if possible of course and check it out again. Just to see where you can put what. Since you already decluttered it should be easy to decide the schedule for your furniture. Maybe if you get some extra minute while you are there you can do some measurements so that you are aware if for example, your couch or computer desk can fit somewhere where you imagined it to. This task, however, is completely optional and not a must when you want to prepare a move in one week.

When you want to prepare your move in just one week you have to be aware that there will be some difficulties along the way. So, prepare yourself for that and do not stress out there is no reason. A move doesn’t have to be scary even if you don’t have enough time. There are ways to complete everything you imagined. If you organize that little time you have in a good way then the sky is the limit.

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