Medical Tourism Destinations in the World

A doctor who can help you to choose medical tourism destinations in the world.

Traveling to another country for the sake of receiving medical help has become a huge trend these days. It’s called medical tourism and many people are practicing it. It’s the perfect combination of getting a vacation you’ve always wanted and at the same time receive the medical care you need – often at a much lower price. Millions of US residents were looking for off-shore medical treatments in the past years. And, with the trend growing, the ‘competition’ will be more numerous as more and more countries are involved in this type of tourism. That’s why we present to you top medical tourism destinations in the world you should definitely consider for your next trip.

Things you should know before you pick a medical tourism destination

It’s not that easy picking a random country to do a  medical intervention or receive any kind of medical care. Since you’ll be doing this far away from your home town and your doctor, there are some things you should check and know before you embark on this journey.

Necessary medical equipment for an everyday check.
If you are looking for affordable medical services, be sure to pick one of the medical tourism destinations in the world.
  • The safety of your trip – Be sure to do all the necessary research about the place you’ll be visiting. Consider the safety, the accommodation and ways of travel. If there’s a need to find short-term housing, do that on time. Have everything ready for your trip.
  • Check the doctors – make sure you pick the licensed and experienced doctors that will treat you. Make a call or Skype them to get all the necessary information about the procedure, recovery time, costs, etc.
  • Ask your personal physician about your plans – Yes, you’ll have a procedure abroad, but what will happen after you come back? You need to continue your medical treatments back at home. Be sure to contact your personal home doctor and ask him about his opinion and recommendations. If you get a negative opinion, be sure to consider it, too and find out reasons for it.
  • Make sure you have someone to help you – It’s good to have someone with you during the whole trip, especially while you stay at the hospital. It’s good that the person knows the local language, so they can help you communicate with the doctors. There are medical tourism companies that can help you, as well. Furthermore, if you need to ship items that need special conditions, be sure to hire professional help.
  • Don’t forget the complications – No matter how simple a procedure is, there are always ways to have a complication or a problem. Ask your doctor what are the possible ‘scenarios’ and prepare for those as well. Again, it would be best not to be alone in a foreign country, so be sure to bring someone to help you get through everything.

Most popular medical tourism destinations in the world

Here is the list of most common and most popular destination when it comes to medical tourism. See which one suits your preferences the best. Choose your destination according to your medical condition, budget and travel preferences.


The first place definitely goes to India – the country that’s a kind of a leader when it comes to medical tourism. Apart from high-quality medical technology, the main reason is also the cost. Compared to the US, most of the medical treatments will cost you 60-90% less. It’s a price difference to think about. On the other hand, there’s a fun part, too – amazing food, nightlife, and scenery attract a lot of tourists in general. Above all, you’ll wait very shortly to schedule your appointments and procedures – probably the best part of all.


Thailand has become a very popular destination recently as it is one of the most affordable exotic destinations. The food, the beaches, and affordable accommodation attract people from all over the world. Another reason why US residents choose to spend their vacation in Thailand is to take care of oncological, dental and orthopedic problems. The same as India, foreign patients wait very little to make appointments. That’s why this is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world.

A Thai monk praying to Buddha.
Thailand is a country of monks, nature, beaches, but also excellent medical services for foreigners.


Even though Singapore is one of the most expensive medical destinations in this part of the world, it’s still affordable compared to the USA medical pricing. It’s is an attractive destination because it’s a modern, developed country which provides its patient with excellent medical services.


This country is the most common choice when it comes to oncology treatments. Its specialists are among the best when it comes to cancer treatments. Furthermore, this European country has been favorite among American tourists for a long time. Architecture, food, people and beer – it’s easy to understand the reasons for it.

Saudi Arabia

A country that has shown a growing potential when it comes to medical tourism. They are improving the conditions in both private and government hospital and show a lot of interest in foreign patients. So, if you plan on visiting this country, or even stay a while, you can do it easily with the help of moving professionals. Stay safe when looking for cargo shippers in Jeddah and choose only reliable companies.


And here we have the leading country when it comes to plastic surgery.  And not only in South America, but worldwide, too. It’s good to know that thousands of plastic surgeons live in Brazil. So, it’s easy to understand why it is one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. Tourism is a very developed branch in Brazil, and medical tourism is only part of it. People adore Brazilian people and food, as well as the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. That’s why it is easy to pick this country as a vacation destination.

Rio de Janeiro which is the home to the best plastic surgeons, which makes Brazil is one of the medical tourism destinations in the world.
Brazil – the country of carnivals and beaches, and excellent plastic surgeons belong to the top medical tourism destinations in the world.


As you can see, there are many medical tourism destinations in the world you can choose from. However, don’t do it randomly. Be sure to do the research and protect your health in every possible way. Deal with the experienced and licensed doctors only, so you avoid unnecessary problems and complications. Good luck and have a safe trip!

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