Moving day adventure – How to fully enjoy it

How to move with ease

Moving day, a stressful venture or an adventure? It’s up to approach. If you understand how difficult and serious the relocation process is, then you will prepare properly and you will fully enjoy moving your home. However, the fun isn’t the only thing that depends on your approach. A bad approach leads to mistakes, and mistakes bring troubles. Who wants troubles on a moving day? If you can’t answer this question, let us help you. If you make a couple mistakes, you can get robbed, pay a significant amount of money for your relocation, or end up with damaged belongings. Which one of these three options would fit you the best? Probably none. So join us in a discussion on how to properly prepare to fully enjoy your moving day adventure.

Preparing for your move, what should you do?

Yes, your moving day could be an adventure, but you must prepare properly for it!
There’s a long way to making an adventure of your moving day

To properly prepare for your relocation, you need to understand the nature of your move, to make a moving plan, and to do everything according to the plan. Sounds simple, but every one of these three activities brings many sub-activities. So, here is how the ideal relocation process should look like:

  • Finding an appropriate moving company
  • Creating a detailed moving plan with a schedule. This moving plan includes activities like:
    • Preparing for packing process
    • Decluttering home
    • Cancelling the utilities
    • Finding a new job and new schools for your kids (if moving long distance)
    • Arranging the housing
    • Arranging help for the packing day, in case you want to do it yourself
  • Saying a proper goodbye to everyone you love

A search for movers

How should you do it? Well, my friends recently moved to Virginia Beach. Hence, I’ll use their particular case to explain how to find the suitable mover for your relocation. They started their search for Virginia Beach moving professionals the moment they decided to move to Virginia Beach. Being that it was an interstate move, they put an effort into finding the best moving company they can. Now, that should be your goal too. Not the cheapest but the most affordable moving company. The cheapest moving company could be a fraudulent one (not necessarily, but possibly).

However, as we said, you need to know how to find an appropriate moving company. Given that my friends were conducting a long distance relocation to Virginia, they were looking for long distance movers in Virginia Beach. This way, they were sure that their moving professionals will have a sufficient experience in conducting that kind of relocation. This is just the way you should search for your movers:

  • Ask your friends and family if they might have some suggestion
  • Search on the web
  • Or search the ads

After you gather at least 5-10 companies to compare, you must make sure to eliminate those not decent enough:

  • Check the reliability – eliminate every unreliable mover
  • Find out what’s the quality of their moving services
  • Get their price estimates, so you could compare them

After you eliminated unreliable movers, made sure they offer quality moving services, and got their estimates, it’s the time to compare the movers and pick the right one for your moving day adventure!

Moving plan

Making a moving pan is essential. This way, you will know what needs to be done, how much time every activity takes, and how it should be done. To make this right, consult your moving professionals. They have the experience and the know-how to suggest every single thing that should be on your list. However, think yourself what activities you might need to take before your moving day comes.

Don't miss to say a proper good bye
Say proper goodbye to your friends

Saying a proper goodbye is essential to enjoy your moving day adventure

How come? Well, you’re not gonna have a chance to see the people you love that often. Hence, you’ll feel some kind of a nostalgy right after you relocate. And that’s natural. But, if you do say a proper goodbye, and throw a party, for example, you’ll have those great moments to remember in the moments of nostalgy. And it will be a lot easier to adjust to your new environment.

Moving day adventure does start once the movers come to your home. But if you wait until that day to start your packing process, or say goodbye to your friends, it won’t be an adventure, but rather a very stressful venture!

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