Moving to New York on the budget

Moving to New York on the budget

New York is the city that attracts the most newcomers every year. Many dreams of living in this great, multicultural city. If your dream is coming true, you have to know basic steps that moving to New York requires. Especially if you are on the budget. New York can be very expensive, and the cost of your relocation can be hight as well. However, there are many ways to reduce them. It just requires more planning. There are many benefits of moving to Big Apple, and when you settle in, you can fully enjoy the great city of New York.

Moving to New York can be the best decision you'll ever make
Moving to New York will surely be a very interesting experience.

Make a plan for moving to New York

Moving is a big change that withdraws a lot of stress. If you plan it right, you can save a lot of your nerves. Here are some tips that can help you with organizing:

  • Give yourself enough time – Time is of the essence when you are planning moving to New York. Especially if you are on the tight budget. You will better organize your relocation and find more affordable options when you have more time. So the second that you make a finall desidion about your move, star planing it.
  • Put it in writing – Make a list of all the things that are important for your relocation. Write down everything you can think of, and check out the items on the list when you do them. This will give you the visual of your progress and the things that are left to be done.
  • Research – Moving to New York can be very expensive if you are not careful enough. How to avoid being scammed before and during moving is the most important thing. Even if you decide to pack and unpacked your staff yourself to save money, you will have to hire professionals to move your items to New York. That’s why is crucial to find a reliable moving company, that has a great reputation. Research and compare companies, and pay attention to the comments on their websites or Facebook pages – they usually reveal much-needed information.
  • Packing – hiring a professional moving company to do all the work for you is the best way to a stress-free relocation. If your budget allows it, you should really do it. If you decide to pack your stuff yourself, there are many easy packing tips online that can help you with that.

House or apartment hunting in New York

When you are moving to New York you have to know all about its real estate market. Most of the citizens of New York are renting their home, some for decades. Finding a rent control apartment in New York is a perk that nobody wants to give up. When you are moving to New York, the relocation process alone can eat a chunk of your budget. It also depends are you moving alone or with a partner. Moving with your pet can also increase your costs.

However, the main cost will be your new home in New York.

When you are looking for a new home in New York there are three things that you have to consider – rent, location, and size. When you are on the budget you will probably have to sacrifice one of this items.

If you want to live in Manhattan you have to realize that requires a lot of money. You will be lucky if you find a one bedroom apartment for 3000 dollars. Very expensive, but that’s the price you have to pay for living in the center of the most vibrant city in the world.

Before you start to find a new home, put your priorities in order. If location is what you are after then be aware that maybe it requires a smaller space.

If you are looking for commodity and the bigger place to live in, consider neighborhoods that are cheaper. New York has a great public transportation, so you can easily have access to every part of the town.

The most affordable New York neighborhoods

It is always a battle to find an affordable place to live in New York City. It is the city that is always changing, so some of it’s less attractive neighborhoods are transforming into the place where everyone wants to live in. That means higher prices of real estates and higher rents.
When it comes about the affordability in New York City, the same goes for every big city in the world – the further you go from the downtown, the less you will pay.

Before you start your moving to New York find the cheapest neighboorhods.
Set your priorities – will it be the location, the size or the rent price.


If your heart is set on living in Manhattan, then you should think about the neighborhood of Inwood. It’s located at the very top of the island. For those who can’t imagine moving to New York and living anywhere but in the Manhattan borough, it can be a great solution. This neighborhood has a low-key vibe, many greenery and hip bars and restaurants. It may not be the most convenient location for some, but it is definitely worth for newcomers with a limited bank account. Median asking rent is $1,825 per month.

 Crown Heights

Brooklyn has become one of the most popular New’Yorks boroughs. It also has some of the best family neighborhoods in NY.
If you are looking for a neighborhood with an eclectic vibe, Crown Heights can be a perfect place for you. It is close to the many Brooklyn’s attractions such as  Brooklyn Botanic Garden, cultural nexus of Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. More importantly, it has plenty of affordable housing stock and rent affordable apartments. This neighborhood is greatly connected through the subways lines, so you can reach other boroughs in the city. When moving to New York, this neighborhood should be hight on your list of desirable places for your new home.
Median asking rent is $2,300 per month, which makes it the most cheaper Brooklyn neighborhood.

The subway is the quickest way to travel in NY.
This neighborhood has great connections to the other parts of the NY.


Queens has also become one of the hip New York boroughs, and the Ridgewood is its shining star. This neighborhood is a mixture of old and new. It’s very diverse and historic community and it’s the most affordable neighborhood in the Queens. Ridgewood offers a mix of authentic New York City vibe with some great ethnic eateries and lively atmosphere. It’s a great option for people who like to hang out in north Brooklyn but don’t want to pay Williamsburg prices. The median asking rent is $2,495.


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