How to organize your cross country move on a budget?

A white piggy bank you need to save some money when it is necessary to organize your cross country move on a budget.

Moving is pain and hassle. It causes sleepless nights and a long-lasting headache. When you need to organize your cross country move, the trouble seems even greater. The move lasts longer and can be a logistical nightmare. It can also be extremely expensive. So, if you are moving long-distance the question becomes, how to do it without breaking the bank, on a tight budget? Here are some useful tips and hints on the subject.

Some basic things to know when you need to organize your cross country move on a budget

Cross country move is never easy, don’t be fooled, it is a hard and tiring process. One of the best ways to handle it is to plan in advance. Advance planning will have you on top of your obligations and handling problems before they happen. Planning will essentially help you prepare in advance and identify issues so that you can adapt before they occur. Some of the crucial elements of that plan are:

  • Deciding on hiring professional help
  • Defining a time frame
  • Making an inventory of your belongings and deciding on what to do with them
  • Gathering supplies and packing, sorting, labeling, and
  • Moving
A car and a truck on the road.
Planning in advance guarantees success.

Planning in advance will also allow you to estimate the cost and expenses of your move. A cross country move can be very expensive so, if you are leaving NJ and moving to another state, for example, take your time and consider options that can help you save money.

Moving options – consider different alternatives to organize your cross country move successfully

Moving completely by yourself can be the way to go if you want to save money. Renting a moving truck and driving yourself may seem to be the cheapest option that exists and it’s easy. However, you have to consider your safety and the safety of your belongings. If you have never driven a truck, driving cross country can be risky if not very dangerous. Also, it may seem cheap but if you consider a truck rental then you should check again. If you take into account insurance, gas money, the time it would take and the risk of the endeavor, it may just end up too expensive.

The other option is to rent a portable moving container. This can also be a solution that can cover your storage needs for a while. You have the option of renting a container that you can fill up while the container company will take care of its transport cross country. This option can be much cheaper than hiring professional movers. One of the options as also to hire a freight trailer that you can use in almost the same way.

If you don’t have too many items you can also choose to ship them cross country. It is easy to find professional shipping companies online. You can list your belongings while the shippers bid to offer the lowest price for the move. You can then relax and send your belonging with shippers and then reunite with them on location.

Hiring professional help to help you organize your cross country move

If you are unsure about how to handle your move, it is also easy to hire professional movers for the job. It may seem more expensive but it will allow you to have a stress-free move. Professionals like Van Express Movers New Jersey can offer a wide array of services you could use. From packing, loading, and unloading, transport, and insurance professionals can have you covered. It is important to find a reputable company by doing research and choosing wisely. Research movers online, look for their references and reviews, you can visit them and make a first-hand assessment. You can also consult friends and family about their experiences with movers.

Truck driving down the road.
You can always opt for a DIY move if you know what you are doing.

During your research be sure to check for licenses and the proper insurance and to get a valid first-hand estimate. Do not be fooled and drawn in by low and over the phone estimates. Professionals do their business directly and prepare detailed contracts. With professionals handling your move you can be more relaxed and carefree even if it tends to cost more. With the amount of work and security, they provide they can ultimately be the best choice.

Consider what you are moving

The moving cross country usually means the start of a new life and a complete transition in life. Doing that can make you wonder if all of your belongings are important enough to keep. When moving such a long-distance, traveling light can be an important money saver so consider your baggage. Make an inventory and assess what you need or can’t live without and what you can get rid of. Usually, the things you did not use in a year you can get rid of. Also, you can get rid of your furniture and replace it in your new place.

A pallet with cardboard boxes on it.
Think carefully and decide which items you want to take to the new address with you.

Give your stuff away

You can enlist your friends and family to help you pack and use the opportunity to give your stuff away to anyone that needs it. In this way, you will have help in packing and also shed weight that can lead to lower moving expenses.

Sell your stuff

Other stuff you can sell online. This is especially good to do with furniture. All of the furniture can be replaced if we are not talking about some valuable or antique items. Furniture and other bulky items can be very expensive to move, transport and ensure. In these cases, selling it seems to be wiser. Other than making your move easier and cheaper it can also lead to a fresh inflow of money you may need to finance your cross-country move.


A lot of your stuff you no longer need and don’t want to move can be donated. A lot of charities will except your stuff so do some research and contact them. You will do a good thing and also shed weight for your move.

Other things to consider when you need to organize your cross country move

When you move cross country on a budget and when saving money is a priority, there are a lot of ways you can cut corners. You can save money on just about anything with a good moving organization. Packing supplies can be costly when you think of buying boxes, padding and filling material, plastic wrap and other stuff. Getting boxes for free from local shops, using old newspapers and cardboard and even old clothes for padding can save you a lot of money. Hiring professional packers can be good, especially for fragile and expensive items but you can also get packing help for free. Organize your friends and family to help you pack and make a party out of it. You can also consider your moving date to save money. A lot of movers will give you a discount if you move in the middle of the month since they tend to be overbooked at the end and beginning of the month.

Final thoughts

So, a cross country move can be expensive and stressful. It depends on how you put it. If you organize well, think creatively and do your research, you can cut corners and save money. There are always new ways to make your move budget-friendly just be sure to take your time and plan it. Be sure that you can definitely do it on budget and without breaking the bank.

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