Preparing your cat for relocation – tips and tricks

A black cat

Preparing your cat for relocation is very important before moving. Cats do not like changes. Unprepared moving can cause serious problems with cars after moving.

  • After unexpected moving, cats could seriously change their behavior;
  • Cats experience anxiety very easy due to unplanned changes;
  • They can literally get sick after moving due to a change in surroundings;
  • If preparing for your cat for relocation has not been properly done, they cannot adapt well after moving;
  • There are cases where the cat died soon after moving.

As we mentioned, relocation is rarely simple for anybody, and surely not for cats. If you should move with a cat, make sure that you have spent time in preparing your cat for relocation. Learn how to prepare children for relocation, too.

A curious cat
Cats could be seriously sick after moving

Preparing your cat for relocation

It is very important to make a plan and ultimate moving checklist before moving. It is common in such a large process like moving is. However, look for assistance when moving out of your apartment, too.

Make sure that your cat is in a comfortable place

As we know, cats like pillows and boxes, so make sure that you have provided them the same when moving. It is important to use the same pillows or blankets as at home.

Ask the veterinarian for advice

It is obvious that the best advice could provide a professional. There are medicals and pills that you can give to your cat as well. People say that pheromone therapy has made moving with cat easier.

What to do during moving with a cat

The moving process is very hard for everybody involved. You will feel that you cannot adapt for that simply. It is expected that our pets will have troubles to adapt to traveling, especially if it is on long distance. However, there are useful pieces of advice.

Use cardboard boxes

Cats like cardboard boxes, and you will have a lot of them for moving. Simply use one of them when preparing your cat for relocation. They will feel comfortable and calm.

Preparing your cat for relocation include saving a box for them, too
Cats love cardboard boxes, so use one for them, too

Keep a routine

If it is possible, make sure that you have the same feeding and walking routine when moving. Use the same packages and food that they know for. You should also bring their toys with you.

Tips and tricks

If you want to make preparing your cat for relocation properly, ask cat lovers for advice. They have great advice on how to make this process easier for you and them.

Use small meals during moving

Although your cat would be happy with large meals and snacks during moving, make sure that you have prepared small meals for moving. The reason is simple, they will have problems with stomach. We know that it is not easy to stop in every 30 minutes for cat problems, though.

A cat
Make sure that you have prepared your cat for moving seriously

Clean deeply before moving

Cats are used on old home smell, so make sure that you have washed it from them. It will be like a ritual before preparing your cat for relocation.

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