How to recognize reliable movers in the US?

Recognize reliable movers in the US and getting a 5-star service.

You are planning to relocate? One of the most important tasks to do is to find a reliable, reputable, and experienced movers, in order to have a stress-free relocation. But, if you are moving for the first time, it may be intimidating to choose a company. So, can you recognize reliable movers in the US, even without having experience in hiring them? Yes!

Tips to recognize reliable movers in the US

If you are moving with a large family or moving alone, or with friends, it does not matter.

Loading items into a moving van.
Don’t move until you recognize reliable movers in the US – it can be very dangerous and stressful

Hiring a reliable mover is essential. These tips below may help you choose right.

  • Ask for recommendations, your friends who moved recently, co-worders, family members and your real estate agents. Start with this step, maybe people around you may help.
  • You will need an in-home moving estimate to recognize reliable movers in the US. Pick about 3 companies and ask them for an estimate and then compare their prices and experience. Getting the accurate moving estimate will help you have cross country move on a budget and know all the costs in advance.
  • During the estimate pay attention to details, in order to notice if there are any red flags, such as asking for a large deposit, not inventory items you need to move, etc.
  • A reliable moving company in the US will always be insured and licensed. Check their USDOT number (if moving out of state) and insurance policy.
  • Read online moving reviews about a company’s services, but know how to recognize the fake moving reviews. For example, if there are only positive reviews, if reviews are posted on the same date, if the language and a style of writing are the same, they are fake.
  • Visit social media profiles of a moving company including BBB and Yelp. You can learn a lot about a company by researching online websites and profiles.
  • Verify the address of a moving company on their website, phone book, business card, etc. A moving company must be registered under the company name and the exact address.

How to check if a moving company is registered in the US?

Today, all the info is online, on the internet. But, you need to check information on the official websites. Only search for registered movers and never hire a moving company that is not licensed.

Leaving a review after moving.
Hire a company that is highly rated, and after the moving is over, leave your review and be honest. That will help other people to decide

On FMCSA’s there is a database of all reliable movers in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about your items and the safety. Even if you have recommendations, always check a database, just in case. Now, when you know to recognize reliable movers in the US, you will choose the best one. Good luck with your relocation and remember to trust your guts.


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