Relocation guide for seniors in Northern Virginia

An elderly couple sitting on a bench and discussing the relocation guide for seniors

Living in Northern Virginia is great. This is the part of the state where mostly young people live. The reason why so many people live here is the fact that living in Northern Virginia means living near Washington. Most of the small cities that are located here are filled with people who are working and studying in Washington. A lot of them live here because the housing is much cheaper and the lifestyle is much better. Virginia is a safe state to live in. All the reasons mentioned are also the reasons why so many seniors decide to move here. And the elderly people who already live in Virginia don’t want to leave this amazing state. But they do decide to move to other cities in the state. To smaller towns where life is more peaceful and quiet. And if you as a senior decided to do just that, we created this relocation guide for seniors. Here is where you will find all the tips that you need in order to relocate in Northern Virginia safely and successfully.

Decide where to move

If you want to relocate, you have to decide where you want to relocate first. And as this is Virginia we are talking about, there are plenty of amazing places to choose from. And we decided to give you a few of our suggestions that will help you make the decision on where to move in Northern Virginia as a senior. The towns that we are mentioned below are just a few of dozens of amazing towns and we think that deeper research is definitely a must before making the decision.

An elderly man in a park.
A lot of retirees live in Virginia because this is a state where relaxing is inevitable.

Falls Church

Falls Church is a small town that is located near Arlington and it is the first town we will mention in our relocation guide for seniors. This means that this is still a town that is relatively close to Washington. And as we know a lot of you have families that live near Washington, we wanted to tell you about a small town that is perfect for seniors yet still near enough to the people you love. This small town was actually voted as the best “county” to live in the United States. And this is because Falls Church offers its residents an amazing place to call home. The only con we could tell you about this small town is that it has expensive housing. You’d have to pay around $750,000 for a home here. But you can find a small home and you can be keeping your household items in a safe unit if you don’t have a lot of storing space. This small town has a lot to offer. Plenty of nature, peace, and quiet which creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing.

Road and trees.
You’ll fall in love with nature in Falls Church.


If you want to move further away from the expensive lifestyle and a lot of people, Chantilly is the place for you. It sits along the Potomac River which means that the views and nature here are stunning. This is a city that is perfect for elderly people. Here’s where you will find plenty of parks such as Poplar Tree Park and Greenbriar Park. This is where you will enjoy spending your days. And if you want to do some simple yet fun outdoor activities, the International Country Club is the place for you. Golfing here will definitely be your favorite activity. Chantilly is a pretty peaceful town with not a lot of residents and it is one of the reasons why moving here as a senior would be a great idea.

Some other cities worth mentioning in our relocation guide for seniors are:

  • Loudoun County
  • The Old Town of Alexandria
  • Berryville
  • The Plains.

Hire a moving company for your senior relocation

As you are moving as a senior, it is very important that you hire a good moving company for your relocation. You need a reliable moving company that is going to make your move as easy to handle as possible. When hiring senior movers, consider hiring Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV. And moving without a moving company isn’t an option. Relocating requires a lot of physical activity and not even some young people are ready for it. Lifting heavy things can cause serious injuries to your whole body. And avoiding moving injuries is really important, especially if you are of old age. 

Gauze and scissors.
Avoid serious moving injuries by hiring movers. This will also make relocation much easier to handle.

Don’t pack on your own

Packing is a very difficult process and as this is a relocation guide for seniors, we don’t recommend you do it alone. It can last a long time and it also requires physical activity. This is why we think that you should only pack the things you find the most important and valuable yourself. Leave the rest to your family or even better to the professionals. Read about packing high-value items for moving. A lot of moving companies offer packing services. If possible, hiring packing services is the best way to go.

Move during spring or summer

A very important thing to pay attention to is the time of the year during which you are moving. This might not sound as important now but once we explain further, you will find this important too. As this is a relocation guide for seniors who are moving in Northern Virginia, you probably already know that the weather can be pretty changeable. During Fall, there is a lot of rain which can make roads slippery. And during the winter, snow can occur and you might end up postponing your move. Plus, moving in bad weather can be very dangerous. That is why if possible, postpone your moving process for summer or spring as this is when the weather is mostly nice and sunny. Read more tips for moving as a senior before you actually decide to move.

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