The most affordable neighborhoods to live in Hampton

A river with enjoyable suburban environment is common sight when you are looking for affordable neighborhoods to live in Hampton.

Generally speaking, Hampton is a great town where everyone can find suitable living space, no matter the taste. It’s on the ocean so you will never lack the opportunity for some interesting outdoor activities. This safe, historically and culturally rich town is a popular tourist destination for many families. People here like to relax by the ocean and enjoy some of the best seafood in the country. Some of the most affordable neighborhoods to live in Hampton provide many opportunities for entertainment, enjoyment, and growth.

Affordable neighborhoods to live in Hampton

Even though there is more than a few neighborhoods in Hampton, these are some of the most affordable:

  • North Beach
  • Town Center
  • Hampton Beach
  • Great Boars Head

North Beach

North Beach is a suburban and coastal neighborhood in Hampton primarily made of medium-sized homes. While most of the housings are owner-occupied it is still possible to find homes at the median price about $400,000. Or, rent a place for about $2,100. The median prices are a bit higher than in other parts of the states. However, it can be quite affordable neighborhoods thanks to the high median household income. Occupations are proportionally spread between the executive, professional, service, and production jobs. Which, in return, offers a lot of working opportunities for newcomers. And, almost 20% of jobs are in the tech support field which is not something to underestimate. If you plan to move to North Beach, you can contact some of the companies like to make your transition easy.

Beautiful sandy beach in New Hampshire.
Sandy beaches are quite enjoyable and clean in Hampton.

Town Center

The median home and rental costs are similar to North Beach. You can move with the right help and enjoy living in one of the highest income neighborhoods in the U.S. The main characteristic of this suburban area is spacious homes which are an excellent opportunity for first-time buyers and families. Also, this is a pretty good choice for active retirees because of a great combination of weather and outdoor activities. The car owner will find everything at the hands reach within just a couple of minutes.

Resting place on the top of the hill looking at mountains.
Mountains are not far away from the coast in Hampton.

Hampton Beach

While Hampton Beach’s median real estate price is slightly higher, median rental prices are significantly lower in this neighborhood. This is a very popular destination thanks to magnificent sandy beaches, vintage arcades, and incredible food. Additionally, large families can enjoy movies on the beach, and many annual festivals that take place here. This coastal suburban neighborhood offers an interesting mix of family homes and apartment complexes built between 1940 and 1969. As a result, a large portion of housings is seasonally occupied. Meaning, you can enjoy nature, peace, and quiet for the most part of the year.

Great Boars Head

Without a doubt, this is one of the most amazing neighborhoods in Hampton. With affordable rental prices, this place can be a great opportunity for families with kids. The vibrant natural environment coupled with the impressive architecture will make you visually enjoy every minute here. Many of the homes in this coastal neighborhood are built between 1970 and 1999. And, with the upper-middle median income, it can be a really good chance for people working in the tech industry or looking for government jobs. Also, Great Boars Head is considered one of the best neighborhoods for seniors to move in.

Set right on the Atlantic coast, Hampton offers plenty of green spaces and beaches, perfect for those who like a healthy natural environment. So,  if you are looking for a slower pace of life and a close-knit community, you can choose one of the most affordable neighborhoods to live in Hampton.


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