The ultimate moving checklist


Organization is vital to your move. If you are not properly organized, many things can go awry. The worst part is that these things can be avoided only if you have thought about them earlier. That is why you need a moving checklist. Creating a list of things you need to complete before, during and after your move is crucial if you want everything to go smoothly. That is why we have created, with the help from experts in the field, an ultimate moving checklist. Everything that you need to do summed up in one article!

This checklist is organized by the time distance from your move. You will get from “We are moving!” to “We are home!” in no time!

moving checklist next to a lap top
Creating a moving checklist is a must!

Eight weeks before the move

The first thing that should be on your moving checklist is getting rid of the stuff you do not need. You need to declutter and purge all the items that do not have a place in your new home. You also need to see if you have some fragile items that will require special packing, because moving companies usually charge more if you have something like that. After this you need to research moving companies. You should first ask your family and friends for recommendations. If they do not have any, you should search online. When you find a decent candidate, ask them if they are listed in the FMCSA. This will make them a lot more reliable.

google search
Take time when you search for a moving company

You should also ask them if they are making estimates on site, or by phone and get that estimate in writing. Ask about moving insurance and what will be covered by it. When you do this, you should make a folder with all the important documents regarding the move. All the receipts, the estimate, and your complete inventory should reside in this file. Also, ask your doctors for recommendations in the new city. This is also the time to get all the school records, medical records and other bureaucratic documents transferred to your new city.

Six weeks before the move

This is the time you need to compare the moving companies and make a decision. When you do so, sign the contract and request a copy of it. After that you should look for the ways to find affordable but high-quality moving supplies. This includes boxes, and other packing essentials such as packing paper, plastic wrap, tape and so on. Another important thing to do during this period, is to get precise measurements of your new house. You have to do this in order to know whether your furniture will fit your new house. Contact your insurance agents to see if the move will affect your contract in some way, and resolve everything if the need arises. You should also make travel arrangements for when your move starts. This is important to do now because you will be stressed out as the move is getting closer and possibly make a bad decision.


One month before the move

Okay, off to packing! Before preparing your belongings for transportation you should assign colored stickers for every room. You can also do this by numbering. Each room should be a number, or a color, whatever you prefer. After this, you should make a file for all the important documents and jewelry, and keep it with you at all times. The important documents include your medical insurance, vehicle insurance, property insurance, marriage documents, passports and so on. Inform all of your service providers about your move, such as banks, or internet providers. If you have pets, this is the perfect time to make arrangements for them. Put their documents in the folder with all the other important documents.

Three weeks before the move

We are about half-way in your moving checklist. This is the time when you should think about packing and transporting your fragile items and plants. You should also dispose of any flammable materials because moving companies usually refuse to transport them due to safety reasons. You should also drain gas from your machinery such as lawn mowers and heaters. Notify your employer that you are moving and will have to take a day off. This is also the time you should start using up all your perishable food. Call the landlord of your new home and tell them they should turn on the utilities like the fridge. Resume with your packing. 

One week before the move

This is when things are becoming more interesting. You should be close to completing the packing process by now. You should also take a couple of days worth of clothes and put them in a special container that will be easy to reach. If you have any more questions for your moving company, this is the time to ask them. Other than the clothes box, you should pack all the essentials such as toothbrushes, medication, snacks and other stuff like that.

Two days before the move

Empty your refrigerators and freezers and start defrosting them. This is also the time you should create a detailed inventory of your boxes. Confirm the payment and schedule with your moving company and check the arrival time.

Moving day

Walk around the house and see if you have packed everything. You should have your inventory close by and check out items as you are walking around the house. Sign the bill of lading and keep a copy in your important documents folder. When the movers have loaded everything, double check the house if they maybe missed a box or an item. When you arrive at your new home, unpack your essentials box, and your clothes box. Slowly start to unpack everything as you are following your inventory. This is important because there may be some damage done on the items. Move on relocation Nashville are experts in this area and will never damage your items during your move.

moving bag
Grab your bags, it’s moving time!

Completing the moving checklist

Start decorating your new house and make it a home. Recycle or repurpose your leftover cardboard boxes. Sit back and relax in your new home. You have completed your move, and you deserve to enjoy the beginning of your new life!

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