How to throw a housewarming party on a budget?

Housewarming party on a budget

Congratulations on your move! You did it. Hopefully, everything went okay. Now after you’ve settled in it’s time for your friends and family to see your new place and have some fun. But we all know that moving requires a lot of money, energy, and time. So preparing a housewarming party can come as a big expense. After all, you need to provide the food, the drinks and do all the cleaning afterward. We will let you on some tips you need to know in order to throw a housewarming party on a budget.

Preparing your home for the housewarming party

You’ve moved into your new home but is it completely ready? The Blitz moving services Inc. brought your stuff, you’ve unpacked already, everything is in its’ place. But I don’t mean that. You will be having a lot of people over at once. Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment, it will get messy. People will be talking, music will be playing. You will all have a good time. And someone might have one drink too many and drop or spill something. If you have a rug, we suggest you move it. If you want your guests to see how it looks with the rug, just take some pictures of your living room and show it to them. This will make you feel less stressed and tense about everything.

This way, even if they drop or spill something it’s easier to clean, and the person won’t feel as bad as they would feel if they ruined your new rug. Clean your place the day before the housewarming party so when the day comes you can focus on other things such as preparing the food, the drinks etc.

If you are feeling a bit depressed after the move, this is a perfect way to cheer you up. Moving takes away the good energy because it is so stressful. Your friends and family will try to help you out as much as they can, so if you feel like you need help, just ask. Someone will take time out of their day to come to help you get your place ready.


For food, you want something fun, something that everyone loves, yet something you don’t need a lot of time to make. And more importantly, something that you don’t need a lot of money for. Finger food is something you can’t go wrong with.

  1. Make toast
  2. cut it into strips
  3. place dips in bowls

And there you have it! Make a lot though. Also, you can make some vegetables, they are tasty and healthy. Putting snacks such as popcorn or chips is great. People will eat it no matter how much food you make. You can’t go wrong with it.

Housewarming party- friends around a grill.
Investing in a grill might come in handy later.

Burgers are a bit more expensive and time-consuming, but if you have a garden, having a meal outside is a great idea. You just need a grill. Even if you don’t have one, investing in it is great as you’ll have it and use it often if you are someone who has friends over frequently. And if you moved on a budget, this won’t be a big deal.

Food for a housewarming party on a budget can be as delicious as expensive food

And it can look expensive too. Make sure you place the food in a way so it looks like you put in a lot of effort and money into it. If you opt for something else like mini sandwiches, stack them nicely. Use a nice, fresh baguette. Put some cherry tomatoes. Experiment on what looks good and what tastes good.

Cupcakes on a table.
Everybody loves cupcakes, children especially.

As far as sweets go, we think brownies with ice cream are a way to make everyone happy. Maybe put a bowl with fresh fruit on the table. If it’s summer, fruit salad with whipped cream is a great refreshment especially if you are sitting outside. If you know there will be children, buying a few cupcakes won’t hurt but it will make them happy. Or you can just make a bunch of cupcakes. Everyone loves them!


This is so easy. Drinks are something you shouldn’t worry about. Just have some beer and some wine as far as alcoholic drinks go. For non-alcoholic drinks, you can’t go wrong with some soda and lemonade.

People drinking
Homemade ice tea is what everybody loves.

Or if you feel like putting a little bit more effort, make ice tea. Just make regular tea but in big amounts. Put sugar or honey, add some lemonade juice and put it in the fridge for a few hours. This is a drink everyone loves, it’s healthy and inexpensive. Serve it in fancy glasses to give it that expensive touch and you are good to go.


Even if this was a last-minute relocation, it doesn’t have to be the same for your housewarming party. Setting the mood for this kind of party is easy. Play some pop music or jazz if it’s a fancier party type of a vibe. Put a candle here and there just to keep the air smelling fresh. Make sure you open up at least one window so it doesn’t get too hot inside. If it’s summer and you are in your garden, putting fairy lights will be just enough for your housewarming party. It will give it a welcome and warm look. Make sure that the house looks tidy.

Don’t forget to relax before your guests arrive. Take a bath, get dressed. After all, you need to look nicer than your new home. Plus you will need energy so you can have fun and not be down in the dumps. Remember to keep it cool even if something goes wrong. Those are your family and friends, they won’t hold it against you. Have fun and we hope everything goes the way you planned.

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