Tips for moving your Kansas based office

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Do you want a new location for an office? If you do, then it is time to move. For moving your Kansas based office, you will need tips – no matter if it is a local or a long-distance relocation. Expanding or moving your business is a big step and that is why you need a team besides you and a good business plan. Be prepared for relocation and don’t lose productivity when moving.

Moving your Kansas based office – tips

Are you considering moving office to another state because you don’t want to run a business from Kansas anymore? Moving your office required a good organization and preparation, this is why we created a guide for you to follow, in order to have an easier office relocation.

A view of Kansas City.
Kansas has plenty of cities where you can move your office, but you should look outside of the state too if that will be more productive for your business

Start planning office relocation early

Moving an office will take you time, maybe more than you think. Searching for a new office, preparing all the paperwork, getting new permits (if you are moving out of Kansas), finding a reliable mover, packing, there are so many different things to finish before moving. Also, you will have things to do after moving to a new office too. Don’t wait until the last moment to start planning and making a business plan.

Consider hiring a move manager

Appoint a move manager and he or she will facilitate and follow up on each step of a moving process. You can assign an administrative assistant or choose someone who has experience with office relocations. Having a person besides you with experience is more than helpful.

Assign tasks to your employees

The entire team should be involved in the moving process. Even if you hired professional packers and movers, each employee should pack its own desk and personal items. Give your team a couple of hours of time off so they will have time to pack and organize.

A team meeting.
Work as a team when moving your Kansas based office

Pack carefully

Packing is a long process, but if you are working as a team, it will be easier to handle. Especially pay attention when packing electronics and if you are moving your office during winter because of the air humidity, snow, etc. Pack your computers and cables the correct way, wrap fragile items, label every box and items you don’t want to move – donate or sell. If your office equipment is old, then it is better to buy a new one than to pay for transportation.

Change the office address

Besides changing your address in documents, you should change office address on your website, social media profiles, ads, business cards, etc. Update your information.

Notify people you are moving an office

You must notify your clients and supplies that you are moving your Kansas based office to a new place. You can do it by yourself or assign this task to someone from your team. Contact people, send them emails, make sure they know about your new location. Especially if you are moving out of state. If you are providing online services, then the location is not that important. But if your clients need to come to your office, then it is the most important thing.

Work on marketing

After moving and a few weeks before moving work on the marketing. You are new in town so people need to know about your business. Spend time and money on your website, ads, digital marketing, etc. Today, when people need some services, they will look on the internet first. To have a successful business and to attract more clients, this step is necessary.

Hiring a company for moving offices from Kansas

To focus on other moving-related tasks and to move your office fast, you will need professional help, not only help from your employees. By hiring commercial movers, you will relocate your office faster and easier. Choose professionals to transport furniture and office equipment and they can also pack your office. But, before that, ask what items they won’t pack or move, because most companies won’t move alcohol drinks for example.

Kansas has a lot of moving companies to offer, so pick a couple and then compare them. It is the key to a successful relocation. When moving your Kansas based office it is important to have an experienced crew on your side to help you handle the moving process.

A checklist for moving your Kansas based office.
Make a to-do list when moving an office and spend time on researching movers

Renting a storage unit for your business

Don’t make clutter in your new office – it will just slow you down and you won’t be productive. The solution is simple, rent a storage unit and store all the office equipment there. Also, if you need a place to store goods, this is also a way to do it. Choose the right size storage unit and run a business. Hire Professional Moving & Storage and they will know how to handle it.

Many businesses have a storage unit, not only businesses that sell goods. Offices often get messy and cluttered with documents. Renting a bigger office is not cheap, but renting a storage unit is. That is why business owners choose this option. Pack office equipment you don’t use currently and keep it safe in a storage facility.


For moving your Kansas based office you need to be determined and to have a plan. Choose a new location where to move and to run a business from. If you are moving out of state, make sure to research the market and competition. Where to move a business depends on the type of business and the industry you are working in. Some of the best states for businesses are California, Washington, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. In those states, businesses are booming.

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