Tips on moving to Miami from Pittsburgh

Skyline of Miami.

Moving to another state has many advantages, but it also comes with a couple of disadvantages. You get a fresh start – a change of pace. There are new friends, new town, new home. However, what this also means is that you will need to get used to all these changes. And the first step on your journey is learning as much as you can about the city you are moving to. This way, you will be sure to avoid common moving mistakes and finish your move with ease. In this article, we give you the most important information you need to remember when moving to Miami from Pittsburgh.

Miami is a city for tourists

One of the most important things you need to remember about Miami is that it is a tourist trap. You can expect to see many and more of them! First, your friends will probably suddenly feel the itch to visit you. It is only natural – everybody wants to move south when winter months come. But it’s not only your friends that you need to worry about. There are hundreds and hundreds of tourists that pass through Miami every day. They shop here, go to the beaches and hit the nightclubs. In the end, you might want to invest in getting a house with a guest room.

A tourists or a person after moving to Miami from Pittsburgh.
You will notice tourists easily in Miami.

What this also means is that you will be met with a lot of traffic – especially doing the rush hour. Sometimes, you will have to plan for an hour in traffic. Wherever you are going – remember to leave early. This will also mean that when moving to Miami from Pittsburgh, it might take a bit longer than you thought. Adding a couple of hours to your plan to account for traffic is a smart idea, even if you are trying to prepare for a move in one week.

Moving to Miami from Pittsburgh means meeting rich culture

A thing that makes Miami stand out from a lot of other cities in the United States is its rich culture. The Cuban veterans have been arriving in the city since 60-s, so there is a lot of Cuban influence here. Just take a stroll down Calle Ocho, or visit the Domino Park and you will see for yourself. Wonder food, strong Cuban coffee, and relaxing music will meet you on every corner in Little Havana. But Cuban food isn’t the only thing that will treat your taste buds. All the countries of Latin America are well presented here. You can also get cheap tropical fruit in any market, which is always a welcome change.

A street with Cuban flag.
Miami has a rich Cuban influence.

Then, during March, you can visit this corner of Miami to enjoy the Calle Ocho Festival. This introduction to Carnival Miami is a great representation of the Cuban culture. You can enjoy live music and a fantastic atmosphere on this day, and it’s a not-to-miss event!

And for those architecture buffs around you, make sure you take the Art Deco Walking Tour and enjoy the wonderful buildings. Built in the 1920s and 1930s, these pastel-colored masterpieces are a sight to behold!

Think about what clothes you will pack

You should research the climate of Miami well before moving to Miami from Pittsburgh. Some of the biggest mistakes people make when moving from inland to the coast is not packing the proper clothes. And even though it is true that the temperatures here rarely drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you should still be prepared for anything. The temperatures here can be quite high, but it is also very humid. Inform yourself well on how to fight this, and prepare.

A woman sitting next to her suitcase.
Think carefully about what you pack to Miami.

However, your biggest concern when it comes to the weather in Miami is the flooding. Every year there always are some problems due to high precipitation. There are also talks from the government about getting the city resilient to flooding, but you will always live with this risk. This is why it’s a smart idea to look into various insurance policies you can get – just in case. Also, when getting your home, make sure you check where it exactly sits in the floodplain. This will, in turn, reduce the homeowner insurance you will have to pay in case of flooding.

 Prepare for bugs when moving to Miami from Pittsburgh

While we are on the topic of bad things to expect when moving to Miami from Pittsburgh, we should probably say a few words about pests as well.  A common problem that might occur almost all year round is bug infestations. The Palmetto bug is the most common in the area, so read about how to fight it well. But the bugs aren’t the only animals living around Miami. During your lifetime in the city, you might run into snakes, spiders and even gators. However, do not fret. You are not very likely to meet any of these. When it comes to the bugs, it’s another story altogether.

Finding movers for your move

Now that you have learned a little about the city of Miami itself, it’s time to start thinking about movers. Finding a good moving company will help you handle the day of the relocation with ease. On the other hand, unprofessional movers will only make it harder. Since moving already takes a lot of your time, and causes so much stress, it is best to avoid the other type of movers.

So, when looking for a moving company, be very careful. Get in-home estimates, and aim for the binding ones. Explain to the movers you are moving to Miami from Pittsburgh, and what services you will need. Remember not to go for the first bid you get – keep interviewing companies until you have at least a couple to compare. Just like you need to make an informed decision about the city, you need to make a good decision about the company as well. With them, your move will be a child’s play.

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