Top reasons to move house – is it time to move?

Making a decision to change a house or city is one of the toughest decisions in everybody’s life. However, sometimes people don’t realize it’s time to move so they spend days feeling discontented without really understanding the reason. Let’s go through the main reasons to move house and see if it is really the time for you to do it? Can you recognize yourself in the following situations? Do you realize why you’ve been feeling bad for a while? However, you shouldn’t be worried or scared of changes. Changes are good and healthy from time to time. Also, the movi1ng process doesn’t need to be a nightmare if you approach it the right way. Here are the main reasons to move house so be sure to check them out.

The inappropriate size of the house

One of the most ‘popular’ reasons to move house is its size. Most commonly, people want to find a bigger place when they happen to have too many things inside, when they decide to work from home, or simply need more space to pursue a hobby. Look around and see if you feel squeezed inside your home. However, some people have smaller homes on purpose, since they spend most of their time outside. If you aren’t one of them, start looking for a new address.

house keys you will need to change if there are too many reasons to move house
There are many reasons to move house – house becoming too big/small is one of them.


A bad location is one of the reasons to move house

You may like your home a lot, but if you need too much time to reach your office – it’s time to find another house. Long commutes waste our precious time during the day, so be sure to reduce it to a minimum. Find the place closer to your office. It would be great if it could be in the walking distance – everyday walk can benefit your health in many ways!

Expanding the family

If you have just got married or got a child – we congratulate you. However, expanding your family means you will need more space. Indeed, it’s true that babies can sleep with their parents for a while, but very soon your child will need a separate room. Therefore, consider relocating into a bigger house before your current one becomes crowded. If you are worried about how the moving process is going to go – be sure to read our moving with kids tips. It’s not that hard, trust us!

Moving in/out with your loved one

Moving doesn’t need to happen only for growing a family. Many couples move in together, but also many people move out due to the break-up. Therefore, they need to find a smaller place or another roommate.

Job/Education opportunities

A great job or education opportunities don’t happen every day. They may even happen once in a lifetime. So if you really think an offer is amazing – be sure to go for it. Also, you may want to move your office to another state and start your business in another area. Relocating for a job is actually one of the most common reasons to move house.

Getting away from the repairs

If you take a closer look at your house, it will be soon until it will need some repairs. Repairs around the house can cost a lot. Therefore, one of the common reasons to move house is getting away from the repair costs. It’s a much better idea to find another home and invest that money in decorating it or simply – doing something else you like.

Finding a nicer and safer neighborhood

If your kids are starting going to school, you may wonder about the safety and other characteristics of your current neighborhood. Looking for a safer neighborhood for your kids is a valid reason to switch homes. Just be sure to prepare your kids for relocation and truly find a home you will enjoy.

Finances – one of the most common reasons to move house

The financial situation is also one of the common reasons to move house. If you have some spare money, you may want to move to a nicer home or a more expensive neighborhood. But also, sometimes a house becomes way too expensive so people need to look for a more affordable option. Either way, relocation is an option.

piggy bank - money as one of the reasons to move house
Finances are one of the common reasons to move house – sometimes, a house becomes too expensive.

Afraid of the relocation? You shouldn’t be!

Moving house is mostly a dreadful experience because people don’t know how to do it well. This is why good organization and planning in advance is very important. Here are the most important steps in the safe moving process.

Plan everything

Planning and writing everything down is the most important step in doing everything right. Also, be sure to create a moving budget, to help you organize the costs and avoid unpleasant surprises. Creating a moving schedule is also a great idea, so you can do tasks one by one, without feeling overwhelmed and doing everything in a hurry.

Choose reliable movers

Negative experiences are common when people choose a cheap, unreliable moving company. Be sure to find someone you can trust – like All American Moving, Storage & Delivery. A safe moving company will do everything on time, without losing or damaging your items.

a woman carrying a cardboard box
Moving everything by yourself can be risky – both for your items and your health. Be sure to hire a professional moving company to help you out.

Move valuables by yourself

No matter how much you trust a moving company, be sure to bring valuable items with you. These include antiques, important documents, jewelry, paintings, important CDs, etc. Read easy packing tips and learn how to do this part of the job right, to avoid damage.

Don’t move everything

Switching to another house is the perfect chance to do something you’ve been avoiding for so long – decluttering your home. Go through your items and check if there’s anything you don’t really need anymore. Getting rid of items like this means fewer items to pack and a lighter load. Therefore, you can significantly deduct your moving expenses.

Ask for help

Moving is not easy. Therefore, be sure to ask the people you know to help you out. They can help you with the packing, taking care of your kids/pets while you move the boxes, etc.

Enjoy your new home

Whatever the reasons to move house are, it should be a positive outcome after all. Don’t let all the work prevent you from enjoying your new home and exploring the neighborhood. Find the places you really like and take a walk around the new place. Just enjoy it.

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