USA moving trends for 2018

There are countless reasons people choose to move. Out of necessity, in pursuit of happiness, change and new business opportunities. Nevertheless, predicting the upcoming relocation tendencies and moving trends is rather difficult. Times – they are a changing (and rapidly, if we may note) and so do people. Although the fact that people move will remain constant, removal business is changing. Our intention is to help you make accurate predictions with regards to USA moving trends for 2018. These pieces of information can turn out to be precious once you determine to leave your old home behind.

Man holding 3 boxes.
Moving trends in the US are always evolving.

Reportedly 11% of Americans went through removal transition in 2017. Generally speaking, people are most likely to move at least once in their life. And what about people wanting to move their business to another location? This all goes to show that moving industry is booming given that it’s highly productive and sought out.

Overall moving-related data

Let’s start by diving into some general information regarding the moving industry. The following statistics are provided by AMSA.

  • The moving industry keeps busy roughly 123.000 people.
  • It encompasses mostly small businesses with a 3.6 billion dollars year payroll.
  • Approximately 3 million interstate households go through the relocation process annually.

Behaviors and USA moving trends for 2018

If you’re planning to hire a professional moving company, here you will find a breakdown of the common moving company clients. So who does actually opt for moving companies and how often?

  • Individuals: 44%
  •  Corporations and businesses: 39%
  • Military: 16%
  •  Other federal government: 1%

Now that we identified the customer, it’s time to see what kind of belongings they usually need to relocate.

  •  Household goods: 73%
  • Office equipment like computers, copiers and such: 20%
  • Exhibits and trade shows: 6%
  • Office and institutional: 1% (usually local moves)

As far as the lifetime one chooses to carry out a relocation, it stands to reason that we feel more capable and have more energy when we’re younger. People tend to move between the ages of 18 and 34, with children involved in some occasions. Naturally, as we get older, we tend to avoid moving and preferring staying in that one place that we normally grow fond of.

Although it’s not recommendable due to higher costs and busy season, more than half of all relocations happen in the summertime, more exactly between May and Labor Day.

Moving costs and moving companies

Our guess is you’re most interested in knowing the price. Nevertheless, there is no unique answer we could provide you with as there is a myriad of contributing factors that determine the cost of moving a household. What we can do is advise you to get moving quotes from reliable companies and that way see for yourself what you can expect.

The importance of storages in moving

Moving can be a great way of decluttering your life. But there are people who actually need more place for their stuff. So when you’re short on space what better solution than choosing affordable storage facilities? Integrating a storage unit in your relocation process can be life-saving.

Storage units at Big Apple Movers.
Big Apple Movers offer great storage solutions.

This is something that never goes out of fashion simply due to the fact that this is an elegant approach. Maybe you don’t want to overburden your house with belongings that are too bulky. Or it could be that you just don’t need them at this precise moment. While we’re here, we’ll provide you with some useful tips on storages.

Choose the right size

This is something to be taken into account as you should tend to find a balance. On the one hand, you need enough space for all your items. On the other hand, you would naturally like to avoid overpaying. A 5-by-5 foot storage unit would be ideal for those who pretend to store small size goods such as books, CDs, toys and the like. You should consider renting a 10 by 10 feet unit for approximately one bedroom worth space. Greater units are reserved for big sized items and also vehicles.

What to keep and what to toss out

If you’re not a very organized person, moving can help you become one. During the packing process, you should think carefully about what items you will really need and which ones should be stored away. For instance, if you moved like the majority of US citizens during the summer, maybe you should pack all the winter clothes for a while.

Ensure adequate climate

Since you already opted for this kind of solutions, that probably means you want to keep your belongings in a pristine condition? Factors such as humidity or inadequate temperature can damage your goods, so maybe it would be best to go for a climatized storage unit.

Moving trends 2018: it’s in to hire a moving company

USA moving trends suggest that more and more American each day choose what’s best for them in such a stressful time as moving is. They realize that instead of taking a do it yourself approach, it’s far wiser to leave the messy tricky business of moving your entire household to experienced professionals.

Moving truck - moving trends.
Hiring a moving company is a moving trend that is here to stay.

We are always glad to emphasize the importance of such companies as Big Apple Movers NYC since what they do is above all make your life easier. What they do precisely is:

  • Offer you experts in this field. –
  • Handle your belongings with care and expertise. –
  • Provide you with necessary advice. –

What can we learn from moving trends in 2018?

Being up to date in such a thriving business as moving industry is of utmost importance both for customers and for relocation entrepreneurs. Although there are some indicative data with regards to when people decide to move, why and how they carry out their relocation process, this is an evolving business. Customers should be aware of all the risks they are taking when tackling moving their household independently. At the same time, they could learn from other people’s experience. When it comes to moving companies, moving tendencies help them perfect their performance. That means adding particular services, having knowledge of modern techniques and approaches, thus offering the best of themselves. Hopefully, you have found the information you need and that you will find it useful.

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