Where to move this fall? – New York City edition

New York City skyline, symbolizing where to move this fall - New York City edition.

The best time you can pick for relocation is right before or during the fall. Summer is almost over, so there are no extreme heats anymore, but the weather is still pleasant. Furthermore, you are far away from winter, and you will avoid moving during cold and snowy days. If you are still thinking about where to move this fall, I give you the New York City edition of best neighborhoods for 2020!

Where to move this fall?

So, which NYC neighborhood you wish to move to? Have you done any prior research on this subject? If you haven’t, this article will be perfect for you. There are many perks of living in a large city, but that doesn’t mean much if you pick the wrong place for your relocation.

Kids walking down the street with parents.
One of the most important aspects of a good neighborhood is a safe environment for your kids.

With that in mind, here are the best neighborhoods to consider in NYC:

  • Tribeca
  • Jericho
  • Great Necks Garden
  • Chelsea
  • Kips Bay
  • Murray Hill
  • Financial District


Tribeca is the perfect place to raise a family. It is a calm and quiet neighborhood, and most of all, it is beautiful. Once you set your foot in this area, you will understand why it’s called “The place to be“! It is rich with history and culture, and it paints a setting of a cozy, heart-warming, and friendly neighborhood. Housing is affordable, schools are fantastic, and it is fairly safe. Furthermore, Tribeca, NY has some reliable movers, so the relocation will be smooth and quick!


If there was ever a beautiful, warm and welcoming place in NYC, that is Jericho. This suburb in New York City is everything you need if you like small, closed communities where everyone knows everyone. You will like the fact that all neighbors are so close one to another, and that your children have an opportunity to go to some of the finest schools. Since you will meet all of the community quite fast, you can relax since your children can play safely on the streets. There are no strangers in Jericho! The best of all, everything you need is just 10 minutes away from your home!

Great Necks Garden

In everyone’s life there comes a time when you just wish to move away from the big city into a smaller community. Everything you need is a nice home with a big yard, friendly neighborhood, and a safe area for your kids. Great Necks Garden offers just that. What’s even better is that the commute to midtown is very close, and Brooklyn is not too far away. By moving to Great Necks Garden you can have the best of both worlds, quiet and peaceful home in a not too crowded area, but again close to the city when you need it!

New York City garden.
The perfect neighborhood should represent a balance between bustling city life and green parks for a quiet walk.


Another great NYC neighborhood on our where to move this fall list is Chelsea. You can easily escape the bustling life of a big city and enter into a zone of parks filled with trees, shrubs, and singing birds. It is a true gift for everyone who is looking for a place to relax their mind and enjoy life. It is quite safe, and you can often see police officers strolling down the streets. The best feature, it is easy to navigate! Streets are quite simple, and even if you do succeed to somehow get lost, the people in the community are just the nicest. Everyone is eager to help you, so do not hesitate to ask for directions!

Kips Bay

There are many things that people usually forget when moving to NY. However, one thing that you should never forget is that it is full of friendly neighborhoods and areas. One that really stands out among others is Kips Bay. In a fast-paced environment like this one, you can accomplish many things. Groceries stores, schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, and many other useful facilities are just minutes away, which substantially saves your time. Most of all, the neighborhood is very diverse, and you can meet nationalities from all corners of the world.

Two girls of different nationalities riding bicycles.
Kips Bay is a very diverse place, and you may find plenty of different nationalities if you move there.

Murray Hill

If you are a student and you are thinking about where to move this fall, you might consider a hip and trendy NYC neighborhood, Murray Hill. It is close to NYU, so there are plenty of students living there already. For comparison, it is completely different from the artsy atmosphere of East Village, so you might expect a cultural shock. This neighborhood is also perfect for young professionals looking for a successful career. It is a bit on the serious side, but you can still find many places to have fun and eat good food! Another useful information is that the housing fee slowly increases. With that in mind, one of the best NYC moving tips is to find a place fast, before the prices really go high!

Financial District

If you are looking for a place that has the feel of the bustling Manhattan, but without crowded streets and with fewer people around you, Financial District, or otherwise known as FiDi, is the best pick for you. The commute is phenomenal thanks to the multiple subway lines that can take you anywhere you wish to go. Even the streets quiet down after 5 PM. Furthermore, a great thing is that there are no tourists in large numbers. You can have your peace and quiet.

Are you ready to move?

Picking the best neighborhood as your moving location is just one of the steps in the entire relocation process. It is even more crucial to find the best movers for your type of move. A company that will make your move look like a vacation trip is one that specializes in NYC-related relocations, heartmoving.us. As the name suggests, they will put their entire heart into making your move pleasant and fast!

New York City edition of best neighborhoods to move this fall – Done!

I think that I gave you enough insight into the beauties and charms of the best NYC neighborhoods and suburbs. If you ever thought about where to move this fall, I sincerely hope that this article provided an answer you were looking for! Nevertheless, do not stop here, there is plenty more that NYC has to offer. Do your own research before picking the final destination, this is the decision you must make for yourself!


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