How to make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets?

A dog in wooden box which makes you want to make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets

International relocations are complicated, even without pets. All the packing and documentation, combined with everyday stress at work and daily chores at home, can be very overwhelming. Furthermore, having a pet doesn’t make things easier. But you should know that pets feel stressed, too. They might not be aware of what’s going on, but they certainly feel the tension and can badly react to changes. That’s why, once you start preparing for the move, you need to find all the ways to make things easier. Luckily, we are there to help you out. Here are the most useful tips on how to make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets – and yourself, too.

Figure out the way your pet will travel

One of the most stressful situations for a pet can be traveling for a long time. That’s why you need to figure out how your pet will arrive in Kuwait – that’s good both for the pet and you. The way you and your pet will travel, as well as transportation costs, depends on the animal’s size. You can compare the transportation costs by a shipping company, or paying an airplane ticket and travel together. Also, don’t forget to find an appropriate pet carrier for travel. Whatever you do, ensure comfortable travel for your pet, since some animals can be very upset when traveling.

See if your new home is pet-friendly

Before you start preparations for moving with a pet, think about your new home in Kuwait. Check if the building/apartment is pet-friendly. Also, make sure the place is suitable for your pet – is there enough space, can you take it out for a walk nearby, etc.

A cat in a moving box
Do everything you can to make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets – but most importantly, be there for them,

Visit the vet

Before you move, make sure you visit the current vet for the final check and other preparation. Consult with the vet and check the following:

  • update the vaccines – see if your pet needs to get any additional vaccines, or renew old ones.
  • see if your pet is microchipped with an international chip.
  • make sure all the documents are signed by the vet in blue ink.
  • if the pet requires any special therapy, take prescriptions or medical supplies for the next few weeks. Having all the necessary meds will make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets – simply because you won’t have to take them around in the very beginning.

Pack for the move

Another thing you need to think of when packing for relocation is your pet’s stuff. It might seem like an unnecessary step – well, you can buy everything in Kuwait. However, it’s important to bring your pet’s favorite toys, bed, food bowl, etc. When you place these items around your new home, it will be much easier for your pet to adapt to the new surroundings. Relocation to a new place is often huge stress for animals since they don’t understand the concept of moving. That’s why bringing some familiar items is a necessary step.

A dog in a moving box ready to be moving in Kuwait
To make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets, avoid packing in a hurry and causing additional stress.

Bonus tip: Make sure your pet’s items are packed in a separate box, which you should label accordingly. This will make it easier to find it. When organizing your belongings for an international move, it’s a great idea to hire professionals. They will surely make the packing process much easier and faster, which can be very useful if you don’t have a lot of time or skill to pack for such a long-distance move. And most importantly – you will have more time to spend with your pet and reduce the stress they might be going through. This will surely make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets, and on you, too.

Prepare for the move in advance

One of the things that make your pet more afraid and stressed is the hustle-and-bustle that happens a couple of days before the moving day. That’s why you need to make your relocation as easier as possible and have enough time to do everything without a hurry. Here are some tips:

  • make a moving schedule – if you start preparing on time, you can have a moving checklist to help you out. List all the moving tasks and schedule them properly until the moving day.
  • hire professionals to help you out – moving to another country is not a simple and easy thing to do. That’s why a professional moving company like Easy Move Kuwait is the right option for you. Experienced Kuwait movers know the procedure so well that you will be relieved and ready to move into your new home.
  • pack the first night kit – make sure you have all the essentials close to you, rather than lost among moving boxes. Food/water bowl, leash, favorite toy, and most importantly – favorite food. These should be at hand all the time.

To make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets – help them adjust

One of the steps to help your pet relocate easily is to do as much as you can to help them adjust to the new surroundings. Firstly – don’t rush. Some animals need more time to accept their new home. This can mean they will try to run away, so it’s a good idea not to let them out by themselves, especially if you have a yard/balcony.

A pug in a blanket
Don’t be surprised if your pet finds it hard to accept the new home – give them time.

Try to make your new home similar to the old one as much as possible. Also, don’t forget to add your pet’s belongings right away – it will help them feel secure and at home. And finally – be there for your pet. Try to spend more time together, play, give them snacks, etc. Don’t worry if your pet acts differently for the first couple of days. Do everything you can to make moving in Kuwait easier on your pets, and they will soon accept their new home and be in a good mood.

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