4 Affordable Exotic Destinations You Can Relocate To

When thinking about relocating abroad, the first thing that pops into my mind – and I’m sure you’re wired the same way – is moving to Europe. If it isn’t for work purposes, basically what happens then is that there Is absolutely no limitation: every city in the world is an option, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can think outside of the box, so I’ll present 4 affordable exotic destinations you can relocate to!

1. Thailand. Tell me you’re mind-blown as I am. The thing that is the most attractive about relocating to Thailand, is their Visa rules. There are several different ways to acquire a visa, since they are so open and understanding that other people want to live in their country. And in case you’re a freelancer or do any type of job that doesn’t dictate your physical location, after 5 years in Thailand, you can start applying for permanent citizenship. But before doing any of that, make sure you learn their language – which is actually not that difficult at all. After learning the alphabet, there is only the grammar left, which is also quite simple, and then all you have to do is master the pronunciation. Here are a few more reasons offered by your relocation database on why Thailand is so attractive:

  • Cheap Housing. For a solid $1000/month, you could get a top notch apartment, with a really nice view! And outside of Bangkok, there are living options which are so cheap, they vary from $100/week (with utilities!) to $100/month!
  • Prices. Prices of everything in Thailand are much more on the low side, than what people are used to back in the US. And I’m talking about food – especially if you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind cooking at home – but other than food, there are many other things you can enjoy on a budget.
Best islands to live on

2.Belize. This gorgeous coastal country, with an abundance of incredible appeals has one big thing going its way – their official language is English! This place is definitely for those of you who are feeling a bit more adventurous and would like to explore. There are many places you can explore, including the jungles, rainforests, and there is even a Mayan temple! If you’re more into the beach, Belize will provide you with a generous amount of beach and aquatic sports in general, so If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to surf or go scuba diving, there’s no time like present! Besides beautiful surroundings, and a vivid wildlife, Belize is extremely affordable in a sense of daily life. An average property rent price per month is about $300-$500. This might sound very appealing, but wait till you find out that for the aforementioned amount of money, you could rent – not a small apartment – but actually a large house. If this isn’t enough, shopping for food is a lot more wallet-friendly, than in other places. For example, shopping at big supermarkets will not be much cheaper than what you’re probably used to, but if you feel like supporting your community, while eating super healthy, then shopping at the numerous local markets is a great option. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper to buy from local markets here, than it is elsewhere. If this has you intrigued, get down to googling, and start thinking about moving to Belize.

Exotic beach location

3.Greece. First of all, this amazing European country is the most culturally and historically rich place you could ever imagine living in, on a budget. What makes it so great is all of the beaches you could probably start visiting on a daily basis, if you opt for this destination. In case you have a delicate palate yearning for strong flavors and spices, Greece is another plus then. There, you are likely to find yourself enjoying the Gyros, the way it was intended, all while having fun time at one of the many beaches, with your friends. After their economic decline in late 2012/13, the housing prices have risen somewhat, but are still widely affordable, as well as the cost of food and other things you’ll find important. And if you feel like spending a significant amount of your life in a place that is a home to Olympic games, and Greek gods, this is just right for you. Greece also has a vivid nightlife, due to high tourist numbers in the summertime. Another thing great about this place are small, rocky streets with white houses and blue roofs, which will slowly drag you to your destination with the delicious smells pulling your nose, until you just don’t want to leave anymore.

4.Philippines. Saving the best for last, right? Philippines are the type of place where, if you choose to live in smaller cities and provinces, you won’t have to put aside more than $60 for a whole month worth of rent. If you do, however, opt for the bigger cities, the monthly rent cost can go anywhere from $250, $350, and up. But still, that is quite a low number, considering you’d be living close to over a century old China-towns and other historical legacies. For other necessities such as food, tobacco, and alcohol, putting aside anything between $200-$300 per month will suffice you with the generous amounts of the things you need. Plus, imagine living on an island, that sure does come with some perks such as:

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Exotic foods (fruits, mostly)
  • Colorful aquatic life
  • Waking up to a sight of the ocean

There we go, this concludes our 4 affordable exotic destinations you can relocate to, but be sure to know that these are not the only exotic locations you can move to. These were just some top picks, according to the monthly budget and life-standards you get in return. In case you have an insatiable need to find out more about other affordable places to live in, make sure you stick with the relocation database, as we’ll try to provide you with the abundance of choices.

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