4 facts about Bossier City that will blow your mind

a man in green shirt excited, learn about 4 facts about Bossier City that will blow your mind

Are you planning on living in Bossier City, Louisiana? Before you come and join this community of 60,000 people, there are some facts you should know. To convince you to move to Bossier City, we have for you 4 facts about Bossier City that will blow your mind. If these facts convince you to move to Bossier City, remember to stay organized during your move. Let’s begin! 

The first of 4 facts about Bossier City is the cost of living 

Many people will be surprised to find out that Bossier City is an affordable place to live. To be more precise, the whole of Louisiana is more affordable compared to the rest of the country. The cost of living in Louisiana is 86.9 compared to the national average of 100. But Bossier City is even less costly. The cost of living index is 85. The cheapest thing in Bossier city is housing, which means you can save a ton of money on rent. And the median home cost is 168,400-dollars which is a lot lower than the national average of 291,700-dollars. So if you want to save money, move to Bossier City with the help of Zippy Shell Louisiana. They are local Louisiana movers that know the area well.

person holding dollar bills
Save money by relocating to Bossier City.

Tons of job opportunities 

Our second of 4 facts about Bossier City is about job opportunities. Since Bossier City is part of the Shreveport–Bossier City metropolitan area, there are a lot of jobs. The metropolitan area has a population of about 440,000. The Shreveport–Bossier City area is one of the largest business centers in Louisiana. The biggest industries are natural gas and oil, commerce, casinos, and restaurants. We have to point out that most businesses are stationed in Shreveport. But that won’t be a problem since Bossier City is only 2-miles away. So if you want a job move to Bossier City and remember to reuse your packing supplies

About Bossier City – The casinos 

While gambling is a sin, you won’t feel like that if you come and check out one of Bossier City casinos. If you move or are just visiting Bossier City, you will be able to have fun in Margaritaville Resort Casino. For visitors, Margaritaville Resort Casino has a hotel where you can stay and enjoy some thrilling gambling. But be careful because the house always wins. And if you decide to move to Bossier City, you can have time to check out many other casinos. When you get here and additional space for your stuff, look for local Bossier City storage. They offer various types of storage and can meet your storage needs.

a green casino table
Out of our 4 facts about Bossier City, the casinos are the most exciting.


The population boom of Bossier City 

The final of 4 facts about Bossier City is that after the Second World War, the cities population grew exponentially. By 1990 Bossier City’s population grew by over 200%. Bossier City is now one of the largest cities in Louisiana. So if you want to move to one of the biggest cities in Louisiana, make sure to have a detailed plan.

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