5 great things about living in Derry, New Hampshire

A street in a nice town.

Derry is an amazing small town in New Hampshire. This is a great state to live in and there are plenty of reasons why. But we are here to tell you about five great things about living in Derry. We want to make people appreciate living in small towns more than they do because small towns also have a lot of things to offer to their residents. Sadly, not a lot of people are aware of this. But hopefully, this post changes your mind about living in Derry.

1. Living in a small town is better than you think

Derry is a small town. And living in small towns isn’t as bad as you think it is. There are plenty of perks of living in a small town. The first one is that you know everyone around you. This means that having a company is much easier in a small town such as Derry than in a big city like Boston. Living in a small town means having a great sense of community which is really important. Derry is definitely one of the best college towns in the US.

A small town where a sense of community is very important and it is also one of the great things about living in Derry.
Small towns are amazing.

2. Small towns are much safer

As you know everyone around you and everyone knows everyone around you, there isn’t much space for crime in small towns. And that is why small towns are much safer and it is one of the great things about living in Derry. You will be living in a safe environment. And do you know who this is most important for? Small children and elderly people. This is exactly why a lot of elderly people move to Derry after retiring and also why a lot of people with small children decide to move here too. And if you already want to do the same, Preferred Movers is the moving company to call.

3. Derry has plenty of nature

Another one of many great things about living in Derry is the fact that you are surrounded by amazing and a lot of nature all the time. New Hampshire is a very green state and Derry is one of the most beautiful towns when it comes to nature. This is another reason why a lot of elderly people decide to move here – so they can spend as much time outside as possible. Spending time outside is also important for young children. And there are plenty of outdoor activities to do here.

A lake and a forest in New Hampshire.
New Hampshire is a state with a lot of nature.

4. Boston is nearby

Not the main but one of the more important reasons why a lot of people love Derry and live here is the fact that Derry is located near Boston. Some people who live in Derry travel to work in Boston every day. And if you are currently working and living in Boston, there is a simple way to relocate in this area and relocate to Derry.

5. Cheap housing

As Derry is a small town, the housing isn’t expensive at all. Compared to Boston and other cities near Boston, Derry is an affordable town.

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