5 lifechanging hacks for organizing your new kitchen

Organizing your new kitchen is a lot of work.

It can be said that the kitchen is the belly of the home. Okay, this might have sounded a little bit corny, but it’s true. We believe that you can’t say that you have moved into a new home until you have finished your kitchen. But organizing your new kitchen is not necessarily easy, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. This is why we offer you 5 life-changing hacks for organizing your new kitchen. We hope that this guide will be helpful to you, but, enough talking, let’s jump straight into it!

Hack number one – Organizing your new kitchen can be unnecessarily hard without the help of professionals

It depends on which stage you are with your kitchen organization at the moment of reading this guide. If you are halfway there, you feel free to skip this tip. If you haven’t bought a kitchen, we recommend consulting with interior designers to see which kitchen suits your home most.

Also, you need to hire plumbers and electricians to check if your plumbing, water supply, and electricity are working. Without that, you cannot proceed. Moreover, if you already have a kitchen that you only have to move, we recommend hiring professional movers for the job, especially if you are moving as a senior. Just make sure to do your homework and search for the best movers, preferably online.

Hack number two – Be smart about placement when you’re organizing your new kitchen

You have to think hard when it comes to organizing what goes where in your kitchen. Everything that you use often needs to be at your arms reach. We cannot definitely say where you should place your plates and pots since we don’t know your kitchen routine. You have to figure this one on your own.

However, the rule of thumb is to put your large and giant pots under the sink. This is where you’ll have most space, and you probably won’t use them too often.

Hack number three – Organize your refrigerator and pantry

Organizing your new kitchen with pantry.
Organizing your new kitchen means organizing your pantry too.

It is not uncommon to see other people’s refrigerators and pantries unorganized. This can create a lot of trouble. It can even be comical to see people needlessly searching for the thing they need at the moment, moving and replacing almost all they have.

To avoid this, you should organize your fridge and pantry. One shell should be for sauces, one for jellies, and so on. You can even put sticky notes on individual shelves to know what goes where.

Hack number four – Keep it minimal

No amount of organization and time can save a cluttered kitchen. Most people are too ambitious when they buy appliances. Let’s be honest here – you probably won’t use most stuff you have in the kitchen. Throw out or gift stuff you don’t need. Or you can do your annual spring cleaning and put all of that in storage.

The final hack – Integrate appliances into your kitchen island

A picture of a kitchen.
It might be a good idea to integrate appliances into the kitchen island.

If you want to save space in your kitchen it might be best to put most of your appliances into your kitchen island. Microwave, mini-fridge, and dishwasher can all go into your kitchen island. Of course, if your kitchen space allows that.

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