5 most delightful cities In Washington

aerial view of one of the most delightful cities In Washington

It’s not easy to pick the best place to move to. There are several factors to consider, and it becomes extra complicated if you’re moving with a large family. Education, safety, economy, past-time activities – you need to find a place that satisfies all these but also suits your family. However, moving to the Evergreen State has become a bit easier. This article will present the most delightful cities in Washington, to help you narrow your choices and pick the best place there is.

The Evergreen State –  the advantages of moving here

Before we move on to the list of Washington’s gems, let’s start with some advantages of moving your family to this state. Firstly, let’s state the obvious. If we’re talking about some delightful cities in this article, you can be sure that they are located in one of the prettiest states in the country. Next, a lot of people move for jobs – the state has a booming economy which results in a higher number of jobs. So, if you’re looking for a place to move your business or start a new career – Washington is the way to go. Add no state income tax, and you’ll get a paradise!

Bellevue, Washington aerial view
There are several delightful cities In Washington – pick the best one for your family.

The gems of the state – most delightful cities in Washington

It’s time to share the best places to consider if you’re relocating your family to this state. Surely, Seattle comes to mind first, but we want to share some alternatives, as smaller cities tend to be much better to live in.

Bainbridge Island

Looking for a great place to raise your family? Bainbridge Island is a way to go. It’s very popular among people with families and retirees, as it offers a safe, quiet, high-quality lifestyle. It also has some great school which is important as your kids need to be well-prepared for further education. Also, moving here will be a breeze. Just make sure to plan your move in advance, hire reliable movers and get a safe place for your belongings. Storage is a great way to solve space issues in your new home, store seasonal items or simply organize your move – in the process a bit better. 

a person packing clothes to move to one of the most delightful cities In Washington
In case you have some extra items in your home, get storage to help you out with your relocation.


This relatively small place in Washington has experienced huge population growth in the past years, and there’s a good reason for it. As it is located right outside Seattle, people are moving to Woodinville to get away from the noisy, hectic neighborhoods and enjoy a peaceful lifestyle but still be close to the city. If you decide to move here, it’s easy to store everything you won’t use for a while, as the place offers amazing storage options and reliable moving services.


Last, but not least, we have Bellevue. Recently, the city was ranked among the top three best places to live in the country and surely one of the most delightful cities In Washington. The location, business opportunities, amazing nature, and low taxes attract many new residents. That’s why you should consider it as your next home and start planning your move as soon as possible. Welcome to Washington!

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