5 myths about living in New York

There are a lot of myths about living in New York but the beauty is not one of them

It is important to know some of the myths about living in New York and if they are true.No matter if you are going to relocate to NY. You have more power within yourself the more information you have. That is the reason you need to let information flow even if you don’t need it at the moment. For example, you can use leftover packing supplies to make something creative when you finish with the move. With knowledge, we will break some myths about NY here.

1. You will be a fashion queen when living in New York

Although you can be. Chances are you will not. Running around in high hills in New York State will be more than painful. Not to mention, you will need to walk around to your desired locations. Be sure to dress in something you are comfortable in. Your belongings will be safe with packandgomoversny.com and all of your top-notch fashion clothes will come to your new home without any damage because of them.

A beautiful Afro-American woman in high-end clothes is living in New York
You can always be a fashion queen but be sure to make yourself comfortable first

2. Everyone is rude in New York

False! This is a myth that everyone believes when it comes to NY but it is not true. Of course, you can bump into someone rude, but there are sweet and nice people in NY. There are no more rude people in New York than anywhere else. So if you want to move be sure to stay organized so the whole process will go smoothly. This will save you money and time in the end.

3. Your life will seem like a movie

Everyone knows at least one show that presents NY as the most glamourous place on earth. This is not true. Your life will be great in NY but don’t get cut up on movies because it will not look like that. You will live your life the best you can and that is more than enough. Remember, movies aren’t real life.

4. Subway is scary and gross

Unknow places can be scary. When you go through the subway once you will see how it works and that is not that scary. Subway will be a lifesaver because it will get you to the places you need in time while not making you bankrupt. Ubers are very expensive in NY so be sure to go with subway if you want to save money. An international move can also be scary but you can organize it in six simple moving steps. Always look to make life easier on you.

People at a subway station waiting
Subway will be your best friend when living in New York so don’t be afraid of it

5. The winter is magical when you’re in New York

Winter in New York can be a nightmare. Not only for the people that don’t like the snow and cold weather but for everyone. The streets will be crowded with tourists while mushy snow will be on the ground. You will need to jump over it. While temperature is below freezing after December. If you plan on living in New York, you will need some tips for moving to Brooklyn during winter because it can be challenging.

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