7 places in Maryland perfect for buying a second home

A huge house for vacation.

Buying a second home is a luxury not everyone can afford. But those people that have the possibility of making this purchase need to do it very carefully. In general, you really need to give it a thought or two. First of all, you should know that you need to find the right place where you will be able to make such a purchase. That’s why we have prepared for you seven places in Maryland that are just perfect for buying a second home. Some are more pricey, others are affordable. But in the end, you will decide what you like according to your own preferences and needs. And more importantly, according to your budget. So all you need to do is find the best neighborhoods according to these factors, and you are ready to make a decision. Include everyone in this, don’t decide on your own.

1. One of the best places in Maryland for buying a second home is Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase is a suburb of Washington DC. It is not a very popular place, but for sure it is one of the best ones. It is located in Montgomery County. The area feels urban suburban, and there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to find around, which is amazing since everything you need will be near your second home where you will probably spend weekends and holidays. There are 9,801 inhabitants there, which immediately tells you that the area is quite calm and peaceful.

There are not many crowds, nor traffic. And also, there are not many tourists, so you can really enjoy your free time there. The best part about this place is that locals are at your disposal all the time. Moving in won’t be challenging with Chevy Chase movers. They are professionals and they for sure offer the help that you really need.

Balcony of a second house in one of the places of Maryland.
There are many places in Maryland that are great for buying second houses.

2. Baltimore is the second place you should check out

Now, something completely different from the previous place is Baltimore. This is not a suburb or a neighborhood we are talking about. But a city. A city that has 602,274 inhabitants. Yes, that is a big number and you are probably wondering why you would buy a second home there. Well, it really depends on your preferences. Some people look for a quiet place in nature or they look for smaller suburbs. And others want to feel the adrenaline and be surrounded by people and city lights. But there are some factors to consider before choosing bigger cities. The area in Baltimore feels urban suburban and there is everything you can possibly need. Grocery stores that are open 24/7, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and so on. Even beautiful parks that you can visit on a sunny day for a dose of vitamin D.

3. Make sure to check out Annapolis

Before we move further from Baltimore, there is one suburb there worth checking out. You will still be close to the city, but not in the city center. Annapolis is an amazing suburb with 39,321 inhabitants. Still a lot, but much less than Baltimore. The area feels the same, and you have almost everything that you have in the city center. And the best thing about this suburb is that it is much more affordable than Baltimore, but they are basically the same.

4. Rockville is also worth checking out

In Montgomery County, you will find a town named Rockville. This town is also a bigger one with 68,155 inhabitants, but you won’t even feel them. There are many vacation and second homes outside of the town center you can check out. And many families enjoy coming here on holiday. Especially because of the weather. In winter, you will have snow. So Christmas will be like in a fairytale. And in summer, it will be so warm you’ll be able to sunbathe outside. Could it be more perfect? Now you just need to take some advice from moving companies’ websites such as helixmove.com and prepare for a relocation and the home-buying process.

Snow around vacation homes.
Think about a place that is great both for winter and summer.

5. Ocean City is a perfect place for a second home

If you are looking for something much smaller, but next to the ocean, then Ocean City is without a doubt the place you are looking for. This is a town with only 6,957 inhabitants. And it is one of the most beautiful ones in Maryland. The area feels quite urban, and you will find all those things that you imagine you could find in a seaside city. Because of its position, there are plenty of options for second houses and homes. So think again about why is this a perfect place for big families and second homes. We suggest you give it a try. You won’t regret it, that’s for certain.

6. Check out Frederick as well, it is one of the places in Maryland you don’t want to miss out on

Fredrick is one of those towns in Maryland that have a dense suburban feel. And because of that, you know you will have everything that you need there. There are 71,843 inhabitants and all the neighborhoods are great. Also, one of the things that really matter is affordability. Well, Frederick is one of those places you could definitely afford. The median rent is $1,378, and the median home value is $277,300. Which is almost like on a national level.

A group of friends talking and hugging.
This is great to have when you are organizing family gatherings and events.

7. Last but not least there is Saint Michaels

The seventh and also one of the places in Maryland that are perfect for buying a second home is St. Michaels. This is a town with only 1,311 inhabitants and with a sparse suburban area feel. Not many things are around to see, but the nature and quality time you will spend there are worth giving it a shot. This is a place that you would go to when you want to run away from everything. So if this is what you are looking for, we encourage you to go for it!

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