Avoid common packing mistakes: 5 useful tricks

To pack or not to pack, the question is now. Regardless of how you look at it, packing is a dreading nightmare everyone is terrified of. And no matter how experienced they are they can´t seem to avoid common packing mistakes. Although we agree that we all feel anxiety even thinking about packing, there are ways to make this task easier. In one year more than 30 million moves take place in the United States of America. This just means that there are many opportunities to learn. The best way to learn is through other people´s experience. That is how you will find out and be able to avoid common packing mistakes. Try to make this experience as stress-free as possible and look at our list to help you do it.

  1. The most common packing mistake is to start packing without a plan

Avoid common packing mistakes easily
Avoid common packing mistakes by careful planning

You might feel that planning will take a lot of your time. And that is true. That is how most people think, but they are wrong. If you really want to avoid common packing mistakes, you should start with this one. It seems like a better option to just start putting stuff in boxes and get on with it. In the long run, this will create confusion and problems. First, you need to create a plan that will include materials, time and people needed. Of course, you won´t be able to be completely accurate, but you will be able to make an estimate. You will see then if you need additional help and will have a concrete time frame. Make sure that your plan is realistic rather than optimistic. Also, when making a plan have in mind any national holidays, bad weather or big events that can disrupt your plans.

  1. Avoid common packing mistakes of putting off the packing until the moving day

Aren´t we just keen on procrastination? In this case, it can cause you, even more, problems that usually. Packing is such a boring and time-consuming task that we put it off until the very last day. And then you have your movers, your duct tape, your precious china and your toddler running around, making a mess. As unappealing as it is, packing needs to be done properly and in a timely manner. You need to have in mind it will most likely take more time than you estimated. Try to avoid common packing mistakes that are so typical for everyone – thinking you have more time that you actually have. Start packing earlier than you planned initially and not wait until the last possible minute. You will end up very frustrated and stressed, with no time to waste.

  1. Don´t hesitate to ask for help when packing!

Ask for help on how to avoid common packing mistakes
Advice on how to avoid common packing mistakes

This feels like a rather odd advice to give but you should really avoid this common packing mistake. People usually underestimate how difficult this task is going to be. That is why they don´t talk with other people who have undergone a similar experience. When it comes to asking for help, first ask people for their advice. Ask them what did they do badly and how would they do it differently. Contact your family, friends and visit forums and blogs. Then see who can help you with the actual packing. It would be best to ask for someone who has already done it. It is also preferable for that person to be patient and not to get stressed out easily. The more, the merrier, but don´t include too many people you can´t organize or control. Make sure to take them all out to a nice dinner as soon as you finish packing!

  1. Avoid common packing mistake of underestimating the importance of packing materials

First things first, you will probably need more packing supplies than you think. People always underestimate how much things they have. Not to be insensitive, but if you ask a woman how many shoes does she have she will probably say  – not enough. She will, as a result, not get enough boxes. If you are responsible for packing the entire house, there is no way to tell how many supplies you will need. So, get more than you planned for and avoid common packing mistake of underestimating.

Another thing you should have in mind is that buying or renting quality packing supplies can really help you in the long run. This is something people usually don´t have in mind when it comes to packing. Safety during moving and packing can be very endangered. That is why having quality supplies can really help you.

  1. Don´t forget to pack an essentials box

It is really easy to avoid common packing mistake of not packing an essentials box. Before you even begin packing, do this first and you won´t need to even worry about it. Don’t forget to bring all of your important papers, phone charger, essential cosmetics and a change of clothes. Pack a couple of snacks as well

Of course, the easiest way to get all of this packing done is to hire someone. But, that is not always possible. Besides, isn´t it always better to learn to do something by yourself? You will be able to handle any situation that might arise. Now that you are aware what are they you will be able to avoid common packing mistakes. You can now invest in your time into some more complex tasks regarding your move. If for example, you are worried you might be a victim of scams, you can check out this article and be even more prepared. Perhaps you are still struggling whether you should move at all? We got you covered, check out this helpful article and resolve any doubts you might have. Don´t forget to keep in mind all of this useful tips and your packing will be done in no time and stress-free!

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