Avoiding common moving mistakes

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Avoiding common moving mistakes is crucial for moving from point A to point B successfully stress-free. Suddenly in your life, you decide that you don’t want to live in your current city anymore. You’re fed up with the life you are having where you currently are, or perhaps the city as a place doesn’t fulfill you anymore. You already have your mind set on a specific city, have an idea of what the whole moving process will look like and know what things you will bring from your old apartment.

You’re ready to go, pack your stuff and say goodbye to your former abode… and then you realize that you do not have enough room to bring everything you planned to bring, you are out of time and the stress level just rises and rises. The moving company that you called is not answering your calls regarding their current location and you even aren’t sure you will be having enough money for the transport. What should you do? Have no worries, this article will help you remove all of your uncertainties and weak spots in your moving agenda, so read on to find out!

Avoiding common moving mistakes with a good plan

Making a proper schedule or a plan in a form of a bullet-list, time slots with important actions to take and self-imposed deadlines is very important in order to move to the desired location successfully. According to Kamran Akbarzadeh, founder of the Dream Achievers Academy, an author, trainer and a life coach, failing to take risks into account is one of the primary reasons of an ill-planned schedule, that is almost guaranteed to fail. Moreover, some additional points worth mentioning are being proactive and leaving some additional time for revising the current plan.

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Moving in a rush can cause a great deal of stress


There is nothing worse than a certain event occurring that you didn’t account for. Hence, it is important that you be proactive with your plan. While carrying out the plan you have in mind, feel free to undertake some actions, at least partially, that are already part of your moving schedule. This way, you will not only save time but reduce the aforementioned stress. No one likes to stress, especially before an important event like moving. This is a good way to start avoiding common moving mistakes!

Get rid of your inner hoarder

We all have a habit of hoarding different items in our house to a certain degree, be it clothes, tech stuff, books… how many of these items we actually use on a regular basis is debatable. Probably not that many. Ideally, the best option would be to sift through all the personal items that you might consider moving and choose which ones you should throw away. That way, only the necessary items will remain in your moving inventory, making your whole moving procedure stress-free.

Avoiding Common Moving Mistakes Is Doable By Organizing Items in Boxes
Use boxes to organize what you want to get rid off, and what to keep


Procrastination is what we tend to do

You all must have heard this term before. It’s just another fancy term for saying: “Later!“. We all acquainted ourselves with it very well at least at some point in our lives. As per the WebMD website, not only does procrastination slow us down with whatever we should be working on, but it affects our mental health as well. In order to avoid guilt and further stress, avoid procrastinating, and start everything earlier than you would normally.

The day comes when we need to know how to handle the day of the relocation. And when it does, every hour, minute and second matter. With proper planning as mentioned before, none of these should present a problem. Check the earlier link to see how to cope with some of the most common relocation day issues.

Dollar bills
Learn how to save money and use it accordingly

Money matters too

You’d be dead wrong if you thought that the relocation costs you have estimated are definite and fixed. Oftentimes it happens that whatever you have had in mind costs more than what you have planned. Why? Well, this is mostly due to the fact that there are always some unpredictable things happening in our lives. “Oh, I forgot to bring these toys!” or “I think I might need these tools anyway.” are just some of the situational decisions which hinder your relocation. Your budget can be greatly affected by these mishaps, so choose wisely. Money is a really important factor when relocating. Worst of all – you wouldn’t want to go bankrupt before you even start moving, right? Well, this is definitely a must if you want to be avoiding common moving mistakes!

Dog with a tongue out riding in a car
Dogs can ride in cars too, and they usually enjoy it!

Oh, yeah, Fido’s moving too!

Considering all the points we need to go through when moving, it’s not uncommon to forget about our beloved pet. He may be an animal, but that little critter is also part of your family! While moving, bear in mind that you need to bring all the items that your pet uses regularly. Moreover, be sure to pack food and special nutritional minerals carefully and separately. To acquaint yourself with the pet relocation process, be sure to read some tips on how to move with pets.

Be sure to choose a good insurance company

Some occasions might see you moving some fragile items, or even some very valuable ones. Say you have a piece of fine art at home, be it a sculpture or a painting. In order to be avoiding common moving mistakes like this one, be sure to hire a trustworthy relocation company. Also worth mentioning is an insurance company. In cases of theft or having valuable items broken, you can use some of the benefits of your insurance package. Therefore, be sure to insure your items before moving to make sure you do not lose any valuable property. Otherwise, it will be too late.


Hopefully, this quick guide on avoiding common moving mistakes will help you in the long run. Let’s go through a number of important points.

  1. Get to know the location you’re moving to
  2. Throw away unnecessary items
  3. Do not procrastinate when the date is almost due for relocating
  4. Pay attention to your budget and expect the unexpected
  5. Don’t forget Fido!

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