Best cities in Canada for newcomers

Canada map.

Are you moving to Canada soon? One of the first steps to take when moving to a new country (or state) is to choose the right place for you. Canada is a big country, and it has plenty of cities to offer. So, you will have a variety of options to choose from. If you have never lived in this great country, you should explore cities in Canada for newcomers and choose the best for you.

Why do people move to Canada?

What are the reasons for moving to Canada and what does this great country have to offer future residents? Living in a foreign country may sound scary and hard, but when the country has so many pros, the process of moving and adjusting after moving will be easier for you – and your family, if you are moving altogether.

Moving to one of the best cities in Canada for newcomers.
Be sure about the place where you want to live and explore it

Here are some of the advantages of moving to Canada.

  • A lot of job opportunities – Canada has a strong employment market and it is one of the main reasons for moving there. Also, economic growth is constant and the unemployment rate is lower and lower. If you want to open a business, first explore Canadian cities for starting your own business and choose the best place for your new company.
  • High-quality healthcare – the healthcare system in Canada is great, much better than the healthcare system in the USA. Besides that, it is affordable, for ex-pats too.
  • Diversity – because Canada is open to immigrants from all around the world, this country in North America is a diverse multi-cultural melting pot.
  • Safety – if you are looking for the safest place, Canada has a very low crime rate, the lowest crime rate in the world. No matter which cities in Canada for newcomers you will choose, you will be comfortable in your new environment.
  • Education system – if you are moving because of education or you have kids, do not worry about schools and the education system because it is great.
  • Natural beauties – Canada has amazing nature. Mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, parks, etc. Because of that, it offers a full range of outdoor activities, plus if you live in the southern part of Canada, you will experience all 4 seasons in 1 year. So, you can ski during the winter, and swimming in the ocean during the summer months.
  • Great social programs – social welfare programs are very helpful for those in need. They are focused on education and training, so people can get a job easier after.

How to move to Canada?

How to move long-distance in Canada? It is a big country, so if you are moving from coast to coast, that would be an impossible task for a person without any experience with relocations. One of the best options you can choose from is to hire movers when moving in Canada and professionals will do all the hard work related to transportation. But, only hire a reliable and reputable moving company and check if they are licensed and insured also. Do not hire a company that is not verified.

The moving process.
Hire a professional moving help and move with ease to any Canadian city

For long-distance relocations, hire Number 1 Movers Canada and move with the best movers. Do a lot of research, of course. Contact a couple of companies that offer relocation services and compare them. Also, if you have friends that moved recently, ask them for recommendations.

The list of top cities in Canada for newcomers

When moving, choosing a location is one of the most important steps to take and also the first step to take. Canada has plenty of great cities to offer and each one of them is different. There are a lot of factors that will affect your final decision. But, do not be stressed out. In the case you do not like a neighborhood in the city where you moved, there is always an option to change your address with the help of local movers. You can easily find help in the area and organize a local relocation like a pro. 

Here are some of the best cities in Canada for newcomers to consider as their future homes. Explore, research, and if you are able, visit them before making the final call.


One of the happiest places in the world, differently you should consider moving to Toronto. It is the capital of Ontario and a big city that has something for everyone. Kids, seniors, young professionals, teens, and families. Half of the population in Toronto was born outside of Canada which is a good sign for newcomers. It is a center of many industries and the economy here is strong.

Canada map.
Choose the best city for you in Canada and organize your relocation there


Located in British Columbia and is a very livable city. The healthcare system here is great as well as public transportation. Because of that, people do not have to drive a car in Vancouver). It is a big city with the feel of a  small town which is good if you are moving to Canada with family. A fun fact is that 52% of the population are not speaking English.


Calgary is the largest city of Alberta with a diverse economy. It has more traditional energy than the other cities. Public transportation is not that developed like transportation in Vancouver, so you should consider having a car here. This city is very attractive for engineers and mechanics because the oil and gas industries are booming.


If you are moving to Canada for the first time and you do not know what to expect after moving there, you should research in advance. And if you want to live in Nova Scotia, consider Halifax, as its capital. It is one of the best cities in Canada for newcomers because of great housing options, strong economy, good climate (it is one of the hottest cities in Canada), and affordable healthcare. If you do not want to live in a big and crowded city, welcome to Halifax.

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