Best cities in Maryland for young families

Baltimore as one of the best cities in Maryland for young families

Maryland might be one of the smallest states of the United States but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. In fact, Maryland has been voted to be one of the most beautiful states. It varies demographics, the weather, its geography, social-economic status and so on. Anyone can find something to do in Maryland. Even though Maryland is a bit expensive, it is very suitable for young families. Best cities in Maryland are filled with such families. And if you would like to join, you are welcome. This state is one of the multicultural ones and everybody is welcome. The decision wasn’t easy but we managed to pick some of the best cities in Maryland for young families.

Columbia – the first among the best cities in Maryland for young families

The first city we have to mention is Columbia. Columbia is a very unique city. It is a city that limits everything from new constructions to the color you paint your home. This makes it look very put together and nice. It is one of the most successfully planned communities in the nation. Columbia is a magnet for young families as well as businesses. So prepare your business for a move if you have one as it will bloom in Columbia, Maryland. The schools in Columbia are great, which is another reason why so many families rush towards this city. It is also very safe with very low crime rates, which is rare these days.

Havre de Grace

Such an elegant name for an elegant city. It is a suburb in Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland. It’s very peaceful and it takes the second place on our list of best cities in Maryland for young families. Summertime is when there is a larger number of tourists in town, but nothing that will rock your world and drive you crazy. It’s located on the Chesapeake Bay. Cities on the bay are perfect for starting a business. Homes in Havre de Grace go for $288,000 on average, but if you are looking to rent, expect to part with a monthly rent of $1,000 on average. It became a very popular city for young families over the last few years, and the houses and the moving companies can’t easily be found. So if you happen to run across a home that you like, movers at are there to help you with your relocation.

the bay
Cities on the bay are perfect for businesses startups.


If you want your child to have the best free education, Towson is the place for you. The public schools in this area are considered the best in the whole country. The crime rates are very low too so you will feel safe and so will your child. Even though it is a small city, there are many restaurants and bars, malls and shopping centers that are within walking distance. It is on the more expensive side, but it is definitely worth the money. Towson has many beautiful houses for sale, so if you ever wanted to live in a house, this is the perfect chance.


A small town, perfect for those who work in Washington D.C. as it is a few minutes drive from this town to Washington. Houses in Burtonsville are more affordable than most other places on this list. It is a fun town and it’s perfect for young people and families. The crime here is almost non-existent. The schools look wonderful. Burtonsville may be small, but it has one of the most diverse populations and they all live in peace and quiet. This is a great city for post-graduates.

two children on the bed
Everyone is welcome here and that is why so many families move to Burtonsville.

Ellicott City

Another suburb in Baltimore. It has it all. Outdoor activities and nightlife are very popular here, so if you prefer at least one of the two, you should come to Ellicott. This city scores highly in the employment category. There are a lot of job opportunities. But the houses are around half a million dollars. Health and fitness are taken very seriously in Ellicott City. It has charm and a unique character. It is a city that is evolving. Houses and storage units are being built. So you will easily find both a home and a place to keep your belongings in Baltimore if you need one.


One of the more expensive cities is Travilah. But spending a big amount of money to live in such a town should never be a problem. Average house costs around $1 million. It is one of the most expensive places to live in the Free State. It is not so free after all, is it?

 a house in the countryside
Such homes with big yard cost a lot in Maryland.


The name of the city tells its story. It’s urban. And who loves urban? Young adults. Work opportunities around the state keep the people coming. It is also minutes away from downtown Washington D.C. But this city is still on a rise and will only get better and better. For now, there aren’t many things to do. Even though it’s beautiful, you might get depression after moving to a new city like this.


Last but not least – Bethesda. It is a town located in Montgomery County. Its name comes from a local church from way back. The unemployment rate in Bethesda is lower than in the rest of the state. Bethesda is a city for families with children even though it’s just north of Washington D.C. There isn’t much to do here, just like Urbana. But if you are creative, you can create fun for your whole family.

Best cities in Maryland are easy to find but it is definitely hard to pick between all of them as they are all very lovely and welcoming.

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