Best locations in Brandon, FL for opening a family business

Best locations in Brandon

Florida surely is one of the best states for having a family business and there are plenty of reasons why this is so. Florida is a big state with plenty of residents and even more, people are on their way, moving to Florida. And this is especially the case with towns around bigger cities. And one of the bigger cities in Florida is Tampa and one of the best cities for young professionals. An amazing coastal town with plenty of business opportunities. But we believe that smaller towns that surround the town have far more potential. And one of the towns would be Brandon. This is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Hillsborough County which is a county where Tampa is. And Brandon has a lot to offer to people who are thinking about opening a family business. And here is where you will find more details about some of the best locations in Brandon, FL for opening a family business. We decided to write about this since a lot of people started moving to Brandon and there are more and more businesses emerging from Brandon.

Sterling Ranch

One of the locations which we want to tell you more about would be Sterling Ranch. This is a neighborhood that is located closest to the coast. This is one of the best locations in Brandon for a family business especially if it is something tourists could have use of. Tampa and plenty of other towns here attract a lot of attention during the summer, especially young people. This is a good thing to know before opening a family business. You have to think of something that is missing in this area and that would be a great business to have throughout the whole year but especially during the spring and summer where there are plenty of visitors.

Sterling Ranch.
One of the closest neighborhoods to the coast.

Sterling Ranch is already a place with plenty of businesses. And it is exactly because of the fact that it is one of the best parts of Brandon. And even if you don’t start a business in Sterling Ranch on the first try, you can always find assistance in the neighborhood and move your existing business to Sterling Ranch anywhere from Brandon. Moving businesses is more common than one might think.


Almost the very center of Brandon would be a neighborhood called Palms and it is one of the best locations in Brandon for opening a family business. Palms is a very densely populated neighborhood. It is more of a suburb and a lot of elderly people live here. This is a very quiet neighborhood. This could mean that opening a bar here is a good idea. A clothing store would be a great business to have here, especially if you manage to find fashionable clothing for elderly people. Big Man’s Moving Company can help you relocate your family from anywhere or even your business if you already have one somewhere else.

Palms is a great suburban neighborhood to live in.

Willows Three

Another very densely populated neighborhood and a great one as well would be Willows Three. This is another suburb where a lot of people live very close to each other. Homes are amazing and it is very peaceful and safe which is perfect for families. Especially for families with young children. And opening a family business here is an even better thing to do. This is a neighborhood with a lot of potentials. There aren’t plenty of stores here. People from this part of Brandon have to leave the neighborhood in order to go and buy certain things. And if planning on opening a business in Brandon, this is surely a great place for doing so.

If you already have an existing business, consider relocating it. You don’t have to do anything yourself if that is what you are worried about. You can hire a skilled crew to handle the task of moving your business to Willows Three, Brandon.

Lithia Oaks

A neighborhood located on the East side of Brandon with the name Lithia Oaks is another among the best locations in Brandon for starting a business with your family. And this is actually where plenty of families have been moving to. There are a couple of great schools in this area and people who want their children to have good education decided that moving to Lithia Oaks is the best thing to do.

This is a neighborhood with a lot of children.

Having a bookshop here is a great idea or a toy store. Anything related to children that you could work with here is a great idea and will pay off. But even having a bar will pay off as most of the people living here are either elderly people or young people with children. And both are the ages when going to a bar is a common form of having fun. Brandon is a very hot town so if moving to Brandon, know how to handle moving in Florida’s heat or simply have professionals assisting you.

Emerald Acres

Another great neighborhood to consider moving to for plenty of reasons would be Emerald Acres. For starters, it has an amazing name. But when you add the fact that having a business here is a great thing, it becomes an even better place to move to. Lithia Pinecrest is a big street that goes through the neighborhood and it would be a great idea for you to open a business somewhere on this street. There are plenty of places here where you can do so. But have in mind that plenty of businesses already exist here and work just fine. This means that you have to be creative with the business that you are starting so that you can gain a reputation. Deciding where to move between all of the places we mentioned above is a hard task so we suggest doing even more research on these places.

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