Best neighborhoods in Alexandria for young adults

A peaceful neighborhoods with American flags hung on homes.

In every young adults’ life there comes a time when major decisions must be made. One of those decisions that cannot be avoided in choosing a spot to settle down in. This decision can be a tough one. The needs of young adults can drastically differ from one person to another. So, it is hard to find a place that fits all the criteria that are needed by all. Still, Alexandria, VA somehow seems to cover everything that is needed by young people that are just starting their adult lives. That is why we are sharing with you all the best neighborhoods in Alexandria.

All the best neighborhoods in Alexandria you must consider when looking for a future home

When trying to decide where you will live, there are plenty of factors that come into play. Young adults with children might focus on different amenities in comparison to those that are single and childless. In any case, our favorite areas in Alexandria have plenty of amenities to offer to all.

Young adults celebrating their move to one of the best neighborhoods in Alexandria.
All neighborhoods in Alexandria have plenty of amenities that provide an exciting lifestyle to a younger crowd.

Cameron Station

This neighborhood is fairly new, and it is loved mostly by young individuals. So, it is only natural that it just had to appear on our best neighborhoods in Alexandria list. The average age of people living in it is 35. Consequently, you have a great idea of what kind of neighborhoods to expect. In Cameron Station, there are plenty of parks. Thus, you will be able to enjoy nature with your kids or pets. So, if you are looking for a place that is chill but still hip for young adults you have found it. Now start property hunting and contact Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV to assist you during your move.

Del Ray

This neighborhood has an electric vibe to it. No wonder it attracts plenty of young people. However, there are also places in this town where you can find traditional homes with white picket fences. In other words, this neighborhood is a perfect example of an American traditional style with a more than a subtle hint of modernism. Moving to a place like this makes the stress of a move totally worth it.

Old Town

If you like to keep busy and entertained this will be the perfect spot for you. There plenty of boutiques, fun bars, and other interesting places and things to see and experience. This neighborhood tends to be a bit more expensive in comparison to other neighborhoods in Alexandria. Still, even with a hefty price tag, living in this place is very much worth it.

Hire professional movers and rent a storage unit

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A dad smiling and pushing his cute little daughter in a cardboard box.
These neighborhoods might be exciting, but they are also great places to raise a family.

Making the right choice

Besides our best neighborhoods in Alexandria, there are plenty of other places in Alexandra that are also great living options for young adults. In the end, all of them can be a great fit. Still, you need to find an area that satisfies your personal taste. Making the choice will be a tough one, since there plenty of fabulous options to choose from.

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