Best places to raise a family

Best places to raise a family
Find the best city for children
Best US cities for raising a child

When it comes to taking care of your family, there is no bigger priority. Unfortunately, sometimes, although we have the best intentions in heart, we make mistakes that influence the people that matter the most to us. Raising a family is very hard, and you can’t always control everything that influences your children. One of those things is the environment your kids are being raised in. Perhaps you spend a lot of time dealing with small issues, instead of focusing on the big one. What if you are living in a place not suitable for kids. Is there a better place to raise a family? Should I relocate to provide a better environment for my children? These are very serious questions and you should not be afraid to hear the answer and act accordingly. To facilitate the process, we have created this list of places that are the most suitable ones to raise a family. Check it out and see if perhaps you should start planning for a move (in that case don’t miss this article which will be a huge help).

  1. The best city to raise a family is Rockville, MD

This city is a frequent quest of all the lists that feature cities that offer high quality of life, so it comes as a no surprise that it has made it to the top of our list. The reason why this city is so suitable for families because it offers a very good system of public schools. Education, especially in the early age is one of the most influential factors of child’s growth. Not only Rockville has the largest school district in the state, but it also has some very high ranking schools, that often appear in reports and lists that value quality education. Reasons for such high rankings come from the diversification of the programs offered and customized approach to students, based on their talents and needs. And if after high school kids choose to stay in the area, there are plenty of great colleges to choose from, which makes this city a great place to raise a family for decades. There is also another factor that makes Rockville so appealing to families, and funny enough the same factor appears very often among the top cities for families. We are talking about diversity, and mixture of cultures that enrich the environment and cultivate a more open-minded education for kids. In Rockville, there is a big population of Jewish and Chinese people that offer various cultural

Relocate to a more suitable city for children
Diverse cities help you to raise your kids better

events very popular with the locals. Among other appealing qualities of this city, we can find a very good public transportation system and very god health care.

  1. Consider moving to Chandler to provide better conditions for your family

Although it is not the most important thing on the menu, but having 330 sunny days throughout the year can really improve the quality of life. In addition to this there is vast amount of green spaces that are great for children, and if they are looking for some more interesting activity you can always take them to huge BMX park, very popular among young adults. If even that isn’t appealing enough you can enjoy some other activities, like art classes and exhibitions, dance performances and fitness center. You can spend some quality time with your family if you choose to move to Chandler. This city is also very pet-friendly, so you can take your furry friend with you when you explore various exciting activities. And no worries, it’s not all fun and games, you can rely on the public schools and local colleges to offer a quality education, and they even have an open enrollment policy.

  1. Newton provides great conditions for families

Best places to raise a family
Always pick a city that cares about environment

This city has checked everything on the list when it comes to best places to raise a family. Not only it is very close to Boston, but it also provides exquisite historic neighborhoods, safety and, of course, good schools.  It is a bit pricey, but it comes with charming qualities, like the fact that the city itself is a combination of various small villages, each different and amazing in their own way. That provides you with a very cozy, tight community while enabling you to stay in the proximity of the city. It is also packed with family related activities, so you can spend time in parks, on hiking trails, visiting museums, theater and even ballet. And if you want to take a whole day off, just head to the exquisite Crystal Lake, and enjoy with your family. It is quite difficult to find an environment that will suit your kids, but this city is a great pick.

Although these cities are the most promising ones, there are a few states that in general have better conditions that the other and can provide a better environment for living with your family. You can find the entire list with all the statistics here, but in general you should pay attention to North Dakota, New Hampshire, Vermont and Minnesota. This analysis takes everything in question, criteria like affordability, education and health care of children, even the amount of family-related activities. General safety of each state is also taken into consideration. On the bottom of the list are states like New Mexico, Mississippi and Louisiana. Washington and the state of New York, are right in the middle of the list, scoring poor when it comes to affordability.

Choosing the right place for the growth of your children is a very difficult task, and moving for their benefit will most certainly be challenging. But, providing better conditions will result in a better quality of life, not only for the tiniest member of your family, but for the others as well. When choosing the right city, take into consideration:

  • Safety and health of the city and area
  • Public schools’ system
  • Environment and outdoors
  • Family-related activities

Have fun choosing the best city for raising a family and keep checking our website for more useful tips.

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