Best places to start a family in the US

Parents holding bare feet of their baby.

Until you don’t seriously start thinking about where you would like to start a family in the US you won’t know how hard that decision can be to make. There are plenty of things to consider such as safety, schools, lifestyle, cost of living, home prices, diversity, and many more. And as there is no such thing as a perfect place, you have to search for the best one. And this can be a pretty hard task as there are thousands of cities in the US. That is why we decided to do this research for you and at least try to make this decision easier for you to make than it actually is.

Cary, NC is one of the best places to start a family in the US

North Carolina is a beautiful state on the East Coast of the United States. It is famous for small towns and a healthy lifestyle. Cary is just one of the towns where you can start a family in the US. It is ranked second most livable city in the State of North Carolina. Sunny weather in the summer and the cold winter weather make it a perfect place for experiencing all seasons in the best way possible. Exceptional public schools are probably the main reason why people who want to start families move here. Cary is a suburban city that will win your heart with its small-town feel and family-friendly environment. It is very close to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Just reading about this city makes you want to pack for a move right away.

A road in North Carolina and beautiful peaceful scenery which make it one of the best places to start a family in the US.
North Carolina is one of the most beautiful states in the US and that is another reason why so many people are moving there.

We can’t forget to mention that the cost of housing in Cary is quite expensive and so is the lifestyle. But the job opportunities and business investments opportunities are endless and worth it. Reliable movers you can find at have been moving many young people to Cary lately and they all moved there for the same purpose – to start a family.

Irvine, CA

Located on the completely different coast of the US, Irvine, California is another great city. Located in California’s Orange County, Irvine is famous for its first-rate schools and beautiful weather. The booming job market is another reason why it’s so famous among young people. And Irvine’s crime rate is 53 percent lower than the national average. This means that this city is perfect for raising small children. It is very clean and quiet. There is a lot of nature everywhere you go which means that you can spend a lot of time outside. The most important thing we have to mention is that Irvine is the home to the top hospital in California. But real estate prices and transportation costs in Irvine are very high, so if you are moving across the country this might be an expense that is hard to handle.

A young couple smiling.
A lot of young couples who have chosen Irvine for their home have never regretted it.


If you want to start a family in the US, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money on certain things. All in order to be satisfied with all the other things. If you want your child to grow up in a safe place and go to a nice school and spend a lot of time outside, you will have to spend a lot of money on real estate and the lifestyle.

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