Best US cities for international students

Girl Student University - Learn how to find one of the best US cities for international student

There aren’t many countries in the world that can match the US when it comes to the education system. And that’s exactly the main reason why every year, thousands of foreign students move to the US. They all decide to come here in hopes of better education and a brighter future. But, the question is, where to go? There are numerous universities and colleges in the nation with great programs, so where to relocate? What are the best US cities for international students? Below you’ll find the answer.

Before anything, a good education system is one of the 5 reasons to move to the USA. That’s why there are so many options when considering the best city to study in the US for international students. Every city on this list has something unique to offer. Here are some of the best US cities for international students.

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Find out what are the best US cities for international students before moving.


When it comes to studying abroad in the US, there is no better option than Boston, Massachusetts. What puts Boston ahead of other US cities is the educational opportunities. Some of the top universities here are Boston University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, and more. And, for the tech-savvy, MIT in Boston is the greatest educational opportunity in the world.

Due to all this, about 20% of the student population is international. Many students are performing an international move and coming from the Middle East, as well. It’s a culturally rich and diverse place so, no foreign student will feel out of place. With the availability of great universities at a shorter distance, students can attend various college events and programs. Also, the city of Boston has a lot to offer on its own. So, don’t hesitate, move here and enjoy everything this city presents.

Chicago – One of the best US cities for international students

If Boston is an academic hub, then Chicago is for sure the economic hub of the US. Chicago is home to some world-famous Universities you can have at your disposal. Here students can attend the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois, Chicago. Life in this city will let you experience a diverse culture with a wide range of entertainment and beautiful architecture.

So, if you want to live in a big city with interesting history, Chicago is a great choice. Just hire professional international movers like Four Winds Saudi Arabia and start a new life here. Chicago is an excellent place for students because it has a metropolitan feel complete with stellar public transport. Also, there are many entertainment options available along with lots of housing opportunities.

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Chicago is a great option for international students.

San Francisco

You should be warned, when you move to San Francisco, you may never leave. The city is within striking distance of two of the world’s most prestigious universities. Those are Stanford University and The University of California – Berkeley. The city also has a charming lifestyle, friendly people, and a beautiful climate. And all these are soothing factors for international students.

Besides numerous technological research enterprises, San Francisco has the main headquarters of Google and Facebook. So, there are many employment opportunities here. The city has a high quality of living but with amenities available at a lower cost. So, you can’t go wrong if you move to San Francisco to attend college here. You’ll have the chance to enjoy sunny days, the beach, bustling nightlife, chill people, and yummy restaurants.

Best US cities for international students – Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the best places for top-quality institutions for higher studies. Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, and Clark Atlanta University are located here. Atlanta has a historic background, therefore you’ll discover many museums and art centers. Atlanta has plentiful opportunities in commerce and is home to the TV network CNN. Also, the Coca-Cola main headquarters is here. Students from all around the world can enjoy beautiful music and quality restaurants along with other entertainment options. So, if you are wondering how to decide where to move, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider moving here.


Choosing a college is a very difficult decision. Some future students are unsure of what they want to do after high school. But, some already have a profession in mind and Columbus is one of the best choices for them. Wondering why? Well, because this city has many specialty universities and technical schools. Therefore, if you’re into specific things such as interior design, law, pharmacy, business, or architecture, this is the best city for you. In Columbus, you’ll find many options. Also, another thing that makes Columbus one of the best US cities for international students is lower living costs. So, start looking for international movers and come to school here.


Madison is consistently ranking as one of the best cities for students to live in. And if you move here to study, you’ll also agree. This city is a hub for the best and brightest in Wisconsin. You can attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison Area Technical College, and Edgewood College among other options. And when you’re not studying, spend your afternoons on the shores of Lake Mendota. Compared to other cities, Madison is an affordable place to live. It is public transportation that makes it easy to get around. This is a perfect option for those international students who love the small-town feel. Just learn how to recognize reliable movers in the US so you can begin your adventure in this place on the right foot.

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Choose Madison when studying in the US from abroad.

Best US cities for international students – San Diego

Many international students choose San Diego because of its cool vibe and charm. Also, San Diego is known as one of the safest places in the whole US. This is another important reason for the large student population in this city. The biggest highlight for moving to San Digo as a student is the University of California in San Diego. This university is one of the top 50 universities in the world. So, you can understand why this city is on the list of best US cities for international students.

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