Best Valentine’s Day events in NYC

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Valentine’s day. A day of love and appreciation. And what better possible way to spend this day with your loved one, than at one of the best Valentine’s Day events in NYC! New York City offers so much in terms of special day events and you should not miss this. A sure way to make this day unforgettable! Some of these events are even worth moving to NYC. Should you need assistance for your NYC move contact one of the best moving companies around!

From going ice skating at the Rockefeller Center to flying high above New York City in a helicopter. There are endless possibilities in NYC.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your loved one and visit some of these events!

Taking a romantic cruise

You just finished college. And you don’t have much to work with. Well, there are some things that won’t cost a lot. Few things speak of romance better than a romantic cruise. Pair that up with a dinner on the deck, and you are all set for one of the most romantic nights of your life. If you are ready for this, make sure to consider Bateaux Dinner Cruises. Besides the usual romantic feeling you get from cruising the river with your loved one, the Bateaux Dinner Cruises offer gourmet dinner and drinks, and live jazz music! You will also be able to enjoy the beautiful skyline of New York City as far as the eye can see. The cruise usually lasts for 3 hours and the bookings are stacked, so make sure to make reservations on time!

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Have a drink on a romantic cruise.

Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Center

Ice skating is one of the best Valentine’s Day events that are organized every year. You can enjoy this skating rink daily during the winter months, but it is especially pleasant to visit during Valentine’s Day. If you are not of the skating type, you can just watch the dozens of people skating and relax in the atmosphere. And the atmosphere is certainly romantic! However, if you are ready to put on some skates yourself, prepare yourself for one of the best skating experiences of your life. What makes this even more special, is that your significant other is right there beside you. A must visit!

Take a stroll in the Central Park

The Central Park is one of those places that has a unique feeling when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Even though you can do it any day of the year and make it just as romantic, being there on Valentine’s Day certainly adds that extra flavor to it. Especially if you get lucky enough so that the park is covered in snow. And another thing, it is completely free!

Every part of New York City is embroidered with Valentine’s Day tropes.

Visit the American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of National History has an annual event called “Romance under the stars”. When you get to Hayden’s Planetarium, you will basque in beautiful starlight all the while listening to the most romantic stories read aloud. Besides this, you will have access to open bars, appetizers and live music at the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Make sure to book early because the event is almost immediately sold out as soon as the tickets become available. This is probably one of the best and most unique Valentine’s Day events in New York City.

Have a romantic dinner

The delicious meals paired up with a romantic ambiance is certainly something that makes the Big Apple one of the best places to be during Valentine’s Day. Whatever your preferred choice of meal is, whether it is a big steak, or a vegan burger, New York City has you covered. There is nothing you can’t find here! One of the best restaurants to visit are located around Times Square. If you are well situated, you can visit The View, as it offers a full 360 view of Manhattan Island.  There are also great places you can visit if you branch out of Times Square. Such places include Tribeca Grill, Greenwich Village, The West Village, and NoMad.

A romantic dinner in one of the restaurants will bind you even more tightly together.

Visit Times Square

Every year there is a contest for the best heart design which will be featured on Times Square during Valentine’s Day. The idea of this project is to present art that communicates love. The sign that won the competition will be there for the whole of February. This means that you will surely see it, if you happen to stroll through Times Square.

Visit the Museum of Sex

In love, sometimes you need to get physical. This museum is all about that, and the sensuality and glory of the art of procreation. There are very many art pieces depicting sex, some realistic, and some borderline hilarious. There are also videos about the history of suggestive photography and black and white aesthetics, and various toys and tools that were used across the ages. Humans have always been infatuated with sex, and this museum is here to prove it.

See a Broadway Show

New York City offers some of the best shows in the world. This is especially true when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The beautiful combination of the art and the music industry makes Broadway shows one of a kind. Make sure to see which shows are on, and get tickets early, because they sell pretty fast. If you want something less glamorous, you can visit a smaller venue, or visit a comedy show. You can also try visiting a small indie theater in the Bronx. Everything is at your disposal, you just have to make a decision.

Take a helicopter ride – explore adventurous Valentine’s day events

This will surely be one of those unforgettable moments in your life. Taking a ride in a helicopter is something most people never do in their lifetimes. That is what makes this idea even greater. Flying over one of the biggest cities in the world, with your significant other at your side, will make you cherish every moment you stay up in the air. 

Yes, there are many Valentine’s day events you can consider

Whatever event you choose to visit, you will surely not be disappointed. This experience may have been enough to convince you to do a lot of things. If one of those things is moving to New York City, make sure you hire the best moving company. Big Apple Movers NYC know what the customers want and need. They may even guide you to some more Valentine’s Day events! Good luck, have fun and may your love forever flourish!

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