Bucket list for moving to the USA: 10+ ideas

There is only one land that is the synonym for an opportunity, and that is the United States. Everywhere you go you will encounter amazing things that will grab your attention. That is why when considering moving to the USA you should have in mind this amazing bucket list of things you could do there. This list isn’t necessarily for the newcomers, many of the USA citizens have never traveled and explored their own country. Which is such a shame. Although this list could be a hundred pages long we have decided to point only the things that are the best and the most popular. Begin with this list and then work your way up to even bigger ones!

1.Your first stop has to be the Grand Canyon!

Okay, we admit that this is not very original, but it is most definitely a necessary stop on your list. Moving to the USA simply wouldn’t be complete without this. And there are many ways to do it – although you can do the hike, you can also fly a helicopter, or drive or even kayak… How amazing is that?

2. New York, New York!

The big apple is the reason why many consider moving to the USA the best experience of their lives. Brooklyn and Central Park, Statue of Liberty and the Times square… Pizzas and hot dogs, cocktails and Manhattan skyline. What more could you possibly ask for? Don’t forget to snap a picture where your favorite TV show was made! You will for sure have a lot of places to choose from.

3. Moving to the USA isn’t complete without the Golden Gate bridge

bucket list for moving to the usa
There is no bucket list without this beauty!

Well, there are many many wonders in San Francisco, but how could you ever imagine a USA bucket list without this bridge. This piece of architecture has been so crucial to the American culture that it forms part of many artworks, TV shows, and movies. Not to mention that is one of the most instagramed places in the states!

4. Theme parks are calling your name!

We have written a lot about the benefits of moving during the spring. But spring is great for other things as well, one of them is spending the time outdoors. If you have children, or you still feel the magic of childhood, we have good news for you. Florida state offers you a variety of amusement parks, such as Disneyland,  Sea world, and the most amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If that isn’t on your bucket list it definitely should be – moving to the USA will be a lot better!

5. Head to Alaska for a once in a lifetime adventure!

Not all the attractions are in the city where the noise is. And perhaps that is not your cup of tea. If you want to experience something out of this world, book a cruise of the fjords in Alaska. Moving to the USA is more that tourist attractions and skyscrapers. Nature is breathtaking and you will always remember this experience!

6. Get your blood running on a sporting event

Americans are very competitive, but if they are not competing, they are for sure cheering. Following their favorite teams, NBAs, Super Bowl… Many people consider this their main source of entertainment. These activities can be a true bonding experience for family and friends, but we wouldn’t suggest having your first date at the Madison Square Garden. You might not get a second!

7. Head to Hawaii for volcanos, surfing and so much more!

moving to the usa is the best decision
The more you visit, the more you want to travel!

Hawaii is famous as the motherland of surfers, but it is also home to many active volcanos. You can travel there and see te bubbling lava up close. If getting there on foot or by bicycle is too much for you, you can always take the helicopter tour. Get your blood running and enjoy the sandy beaches afterward.

8. Don’t miss out on the festivals, we recommend The Burning Man

There is no shortage of festivals in the United States. If something as mainstream as Coachella isn’t really your vibe, head out to Nevada. The Burning Man is something common found of bucket lists even for people who are not moving to the USA. It is in the middle of the desert and it is considered the festival of all festivals. It lasts for several days and you can amuse yourself with various different camps and works of art. Dress comfortable and enjoy the flames.

9. For a more peaceful experience, rent a cabin in San Juan National Park

Perhaps all of these experience are a bit too popular for you. The United States has a secret jewel stashed away to fit everyone’s taste. If you don’t mind the old west, you can get in touch with your inner cowboy and spend a couple of days in the San Juan mountains, enjoying the authentic vibe, nature and horseback ridings. It might remind you of the WestWorld, but you will be pretty safe here.

10.  Visit Boston and walk the Freedom Trail

Boston is home to many amazing places and activities, but one that should definitely be on your bucket list is the Freedom Trail. Moving to the USA also means being part of a community and nation whose history should be known to you. Learn history a bit differently by walking the 2.5. mile path made entire out of red bricks. You will pass as many as 16 historical landmarks, as well as one of the oldest restaurants in Boston.

11. Do not forget the Niagara falls!

Every bucket list for moving to the USA is complete only with this item. There are not many places in the world that offer this type of experience. Don’t miss out on the chance, although we might warn you – the pictures might not turn out so great. But, don’t you worry, you will never forget this experience.

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