Charming neighborhoods of Bethesda for families with kids

A family house.

In case you are planning to relocate with your spouse and children to Bethesda in Maryland, then you are in the right place. Family moving can be a pretty exhausting process. However, choosing the perfect place for your new home can be even more difficult. Definitely, there are so many factors that you will have to take into consideration when choosing the location of your family house. For this reason, in our article, you will find some of the best neighborhoods of Bethesda for families with kids.


The first neighborhood on our list of the best neighborhoods of Bethesda for families with kids is Wyngate. This place is great for families as crime rates are very low. Moreover, Wyngate in Bethesda has schools that have excellent ratings. First, there is Wyngate Elementary School.  It is famous for its diversity and great teachers. Secondly, we have North Bethesda Middle School. Many people say that the teachers are very good and that kids get excellent preparation for their future education and life in general. Finally, there is Walter Johnson High School. This school has to offer many clubs in order to involve its students in various activities. Its teachers are really helping the students discover their interests and release their full potentials.

Four books.
Wyngate in Bethesda has excellent schools where your kids can go when you move to this neighborhood.

Alta Vista

The second great neighborhood in Bethesda in Maryland is Alta Vista. This place is pretty safe. Its locals say that they can walk alone at night without any problems and that the lights on the streets are good. Also, there are a lot of sidewalks, which is important. If you own a dog, you should know that Alta Vista is very dog friendly. Moreover, many kids are playing outside in this neighborhood. However, you should have a car in order to function better in this place. The great thing is that parking is easy to find. Importantly, this neighborhood has homes both for sale and for rent. There are really nice family houses with yards and garages.

A family home in Alta Vista, one of the best neighborhoods of Bethesda for families with kids.
Alta Vista has many family houses that are spacious and that have big yards and garages.

Bradmoor is one of the best neighborhoods of Bethesda for families with kids

Then we have Bradmoor that offers many flats for rent. There are also houses if you prefer having more space for your family members and yourself. If you decide to relocate to Bradmoor with your loved ones, experts are always at your disposal. If your relocation is local, you can be sure that you can find movers easily and quickly. And the whole process of relocating will not be so expensive. The great thing is that you can ask the people you know, like your friends, relatives or neighbors to recommend a moving company that is reliable and whose workers are very nice people.

However, before you start packing for your family relocation, you should declutter your current home and see which items you do not want to take with you. We advise you to sell them on the internet or donate them to the ones who need them more and who will use them. Trust us, old furniture items that you want to replace anyway when you move to a new house will only be a waste of space. Also, you will have to spend more on transporting them to your new home in Bethesda.

A person using a laptop.
Make sure to search the internet and check the details when looking for a professional moving company for your family relocation to Bethesda.


Also, there is Woodhaven, a really beautiful and breathtaking place in Bethesda in Maryland. It is great for people who have kids, for it has to offer many houses that are on sale. Many of them are very spacious, have front and backyards, and garages. Most family homes here have two or three floors, more bedrooms, and bathrooms. all of this means that if you decide to relocate there, all your family members will have their privacy. And if you have pets, like dogs, they will have enough space outside on your new property. If you are moving to Bethesda from some other place in Maryland, you will have to hire long distance movers in order to safely transport your possessions.  But, you need to have insurance, just in case something damages and breaks during transport.

The best way to find a company that is reliable and whose employees are polite people is by using the internet on one of your devices. Pay special attention to reviews of people who have been using the services of certain companies. And, make sure that the company that you choose to hire has a license. For example, you can check out for maybe you can choose them to help you with moving home.


The next place in Bethesda is Westlake. Here, you will also have a chance to find homes that you can buy or rent, whatever of the two suits you more. Moreover, Westlake is a nice and safe neighborhood that many young couples with kids choose to start fresh. In addition, if you move here, you will have a chance to visit excellent restaurants nearby. You will also have many nice stores where you can shop and parks where you can walk your dog.

Kenwood is one of the great neighborhoods of Bethesda for families with children

Finally, there is Kenwood, one of the most charming neighborhoods of Bethesda. This neighborhood has the most beautiful cherry blossoms that are breathtaking. Moreover, there are many nice apartments and houses where you and your loved ones can move into. If you choose Kenwood for your new place of living, you will have a chance to enjoy its beauty and charm every single day.

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