How to clean your home before you move

Cleaning equipment to clean your home before you move.

Before you move out of your current home you have clean it thoroughly. You simply have to leave a clean home to the next person who is going to live there. Imagine how you would feel if the place you just moved in was dirty from its past residents. Not a very nice situation. That is why you should always clean your home before you move. We gathered some tips for efficient and easy cleaning.

Get all the supplies

The first thing you need to do is to gather all the cleaning supplies. You’re probably going to need a lot of them as this is thorough cleaning we’re talking about. Get rags, sponges, brooms, vacuums. These are mostly the things you already have at home. You just might have to purchase some cleaning supplies if you don’t have enough already.

It’s best to wake up early that day and to start cleaning as soon as possible. This way you are going to have plenty of time to rest in between rooms and you might just be able to clean the whole house in a day. This would be the best outcome because cleaning for two days straight can be very physically tiring. And even if you’re moving with trusted movers such as those listed among Verified Movers, you might have a hard time during your relocation.

Cleaning supplies.
Get all the supplies you need before you begin.

Clean smartly

There are ways to make your cleaning more efficient. For example, you should never wipe the dust off before you vacuum your home. Vacuuming just brings up more dust and your work is going to be for nothing. So, first comes vacuuming and then comes dusting. This way your home is going to be cleaner for a longer time.

When you start cleaning one room, make sure you only continue to clean that one room. Cleaning everything all at once little by little is just a huge waste of time. Your cleaning is going to be much more efficient if you stick to cleaning one room at a time. You also won’t be spreading dirt from one room to another if you clean your home that way.

a hand of a woman who is cleaning the kitchen.
Clean one room at a time.

Spring and fall are the best seasons for cleaning. It’s when the weather is neither hot nor cold. It’s somewhere in between, and cleaning doesn’t feel like a heavy task like it feels during the summer months when it’s really hot and there’s not a gush of wind. Moving during the spring has many benefits as well.

Take breaks

If you have to clean your home before you move you must remember to take breaks. Cleaning can sometimes be very tiring and you could hurt yourself if you’re not careful enough. In order to clean your home before you move successfully, you also need to think about yourself.

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