Clever ways to maximize space in portable storage


At some point in life, especially when you live somewhere for a longer period of time, you will realize that you have too much stuff. To optimize your living space and take care of the extras you will start to consider renting storage. In order to have better accessibility to your stuff think about renting portable storage. Depending on how many items you have think about clever ways to maximize space in portable storage.

What you can expect

Portable storages are usually cargo containers. In some other solution, they are smaller mounted on a small trailer. Either way space in there is limited, so you need a clever way to maximize usage of that limited space. There are so many smart ways and suggestions on how to maximize usage of that space in few separate ways. First of all, you need to identify what you need and what you don’t need to store. If you have time make an inventory list. Clean and reorganize your storage and mark all the things you don’t plan to use often. These things you will put away in storage and make them hard to access. Here are some of the principles when preparing and packing:

  • Uniform box sizes
  • Vertical stacking
  • Make use of the furniture itself or disassemble it
  • Vacuum sealing packing

Uniform box sizes

Using this kind of boxes will maximize space in portable storage and allow you to easily stack one onto another. Stacking boxes is essential in saving storage space. When using this kind of boxes, you should label every box with the list of containing items. This is an essential thing when making the search for the desired item. You will not have to open every box until you find what you are looking for. Just find it on the list that you will paste on the box.

Pack it vertically

Vertically packing is the best way to save space. You are using all the room that you have at your disposal and not just the floor. When stacking things select items that flat base and top, so that you can stack solid. Avoid stacking items that don’t have a flat base or top, so they don’t fall.

Wooden material
Pack it in a smart way

This is related to the previous tip, for uniform boxes, not that they have flat top and base, but they are of the same size so they will be pretty stable.

Use the furniture

When storing furniture, make use of it. Stack other items on furniture the are in the corners them will increase storage space usage and minimize storage occupation.

When possible, disassemble furniture and store it in parts. It will take way less space like that.

 Vacuum sealing

When storing clothes, sheets, blankets invest in vacuum bags. Vacuuming fabric in vacuum bags will reduce the space they occupy by more than sixty percent. This is a great way to store off-season clothing and blankets.

Vacuum bags
Reduce the space

The application of these tips will allow you to reduce the waste of space, maximize space in portable storage. This way you will be able to store all your belongings in one place and save your money by doing that. Being organized is always one of the best skills you can have.

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