Common misconceptions about relocation

Are you planning to move? Then, you have to make many decisions about your relocation, for example about hiring a reliable moving company. However, there are many misconceptions about relocations. You can find numerous information about the move on the Internet, all of them claiming something different. For this reason, here are all the common misconceptions about the relocation. 

It is cheaper to move on your own 

You might think it is cheaper to rent a moving truck than to hire movers for the job. Well, it is true. However, the final cost of the move will be higher. If you are moving long-distance, then you will spend a lot of money on fuel. Not to mention the other cost such as vehicle insurance, parking, road tolls, and so on. In addition to this, here is the list of the other cost for your move. 

  • Meals and accommodation 
  • Moving equipment 
  • Packing material 
  • Insurance for your belongings 
  • Food and drinks for your friends who will help you with the move 

As you can see, when all these small costs add up, you will spend more money than previously planned. For this reason, if you want to save some money, we suggest you looking for assistance with your Glen Ridge move

Common misconceptions about relocation – all the movers are the same 

You cannot just hire the first movers you find. Just like with anything in life, you have to choose carefully. There are many fraudulent moving companies that just want to take your money while offering a lousy service. In addition to this, you have to know how to pick the right company. You can either search it on the Internet or ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you want to find one on the Internet, then you have to pay attention to reviews and comments people left. This will give you a pretty accurate picture of that company. Also, the best way to check the credibility of one moving company is to if they have a license issued by the FMCSA. Lastly, it is important to remember that cheap moving services does not equal quality. One of the trustworthy moving companies that offers great quality of moving services for affordable prices is Gibraltar Van Lines

Hire movers you can trust with your fragile items

All the boxes are acceptable 

One of the common misconceptions about relocations is that you can use any box for your items. This is completely wrong. It may seem like a good idea to use boxes that you already have. However, this could only end in having your items damaged. You will not save money by using any boxes, just, on the contrary, you will spend unnecessary money on repairs. For this reason, buy or get boxes that are sturdy and uniform in size. They should be able to provide good protection. Also, the size is important as well since they need to be stacked upon one another. The same thing goes for the packing material. You should buy the proper packing material as it will offer better protection for your items, rather than using the old sheets, newspaper, and clothes. 

One of the common misconceptions about relocations is that you can use any box for your items.

You can skip the inventory and labels 

Doing the inventory is a huge task, one you would rather skip. You probably accumulated a large number of items. Going through all of them can cause a headache. However, it is better to do it, since movers can lose something. Then, there is no other way to prove it unless you do the inventory. The same thing goes for labeling the boxes since it is extremely important to be organized while moving. You can easily lose a screw or some other small part from your large furniture. In addition to this, this will help you once you start unpacking your boxes. You can just take the boxes to their assigned rooms and slowly start to unpack them

Common misconceptions about relocation – movers will move everything 

Movers will not move just about anything for legal, ethical or safety reasons. The items movers will not move are the following. 


  • Hazardous material – chemicals and other explosive material are prohibited due to safety reasons 


    • Illegal items – guns that you might own but do not have the license for, liquor that is prohibited, drugs and so on. Movers will not move just because you paid for the moving services 


  • Perishable food – food may go bad during the move thus causing damage to the rest of your belongings 
  • Plants and pets – movers will not move your plants and pets since they might not survive the relocation in the moving truck. For this reason, find the alternative solution when moving with pets 
  • Items of a very high sentimental value – movers will not take the risk of losing some items that cannot be replaced 

chemicals and other explosive materials are prohibited due to safety reasons  

The moving insurance will cover everything 

The basic moving insurance in your moving contract will not cover every damage or lost items. You need to keep in mind that this insurance only covers $ 0.60 per pound per item. In addition to this, it does not permit punitive claims. For this reason, if you wish to be completely safe, get the full value protection of your belongings. It may be more expensive but at least you will know that movers will be liable for the full cost. 

Friday is the best day for the move 

The last misconception is about the day of your move. You should aim for the middle of the week since people usually opt for Fridays. The same thing goes for the month and the time of the year. If you can choose, avoid the beginning and end of a month. As for the time of the year, avoid the summer at all costs. The best is the winter since no one wants to move when it is extremely cold outside. 

Common misconceptions about relocation 

There you have all the important misconceptions about relocation. Read carefully and apply some of these tips to your own move. It will save you time and money when you relocate.

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