Comparing moving companies 101

Moving your home or your office can be difficult without the help of proper moving assistance. If you plan to hire professional movers, this article might help you find the best of them. Comparing moving companies is very important for many reasons. First of all, not every moving company is reliable. Also, many moving companies might scam you by offering a price that’s too high.

Most moving scams involve hidden fees and additional moving costs. If you want to make sure to avoid such movers, comparing moving companies is the solution. This guide should help you find out more about the key factors you should pay attention to when hiring movers. Keep reading and find out how to compare two or move moving companies before hiring the best one.

The price of moving services

When comparing moving companies, the first thing that pops to mind is the price of moving service. Although many moving companies offer competitive prices, not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. If you want to hire an affordable moving company and avoid a moving scam, comparing moving companies is your best option.

The overall price of your move will vary depending on many factors. Some of these factors are:

  • The distance of your move
  • The size of your inventory
  • Type of moving service you need
  • The time you have to organize your move

In case you need to move last minute, you should be looking for moving companies with a flat rate pricing. If you make sure to make a detailed moving plan, you will probably cut your moving costs in half. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, try to plan your moving expenses in advance.

checkbook and money
Check the price, and be sure that is the real price


Hiring one of the smaller moving companies can also be a good idea. They usually don’t have too many clients so they might offer you a reasonable price even if you are moving last minute.

Moving insurance

The safety of your belongings should be your primary concern when comparing moving companies. Some movers offer full coverage insurance for your belongings, while some don’t. Depending on the value of your inventory, you might want to compare two or more moving companies and choose one.

Having moving insurance is very important for one simple reason. In case anything unexpected happens to your moving boxes, the moving company will cover the damage for you. When comparing moving companies, make sure to ask the company’s representative all about the moving insurance.

a doctor
Moving insurance can come in handy

Communication with clients

It’s not surprising that the communication made it to our list. Professional approach and listening to clients’ needs is something every good moving company should show. If you are comparing moving companies, make sure to pay attention to how they speak to you. If the person you are talking to shows no interest in listening to your moving plan, you should avoid hiring that company.

What you should be looking from in a good moving company is the ability to adjust the moving service to your needs. Since many good movers offer to organize your relocation, good communication with them is essential. Every reliable moving company should pay attention to your budget limits and other additional requests. In the end, you should hire movers who are willing to adjust their services to your moving situation.

smiley faces as sign for Comparing moving companies
In the end, you need to be happy with your moving company

Packing services

Out of all moving services, packing is the one that makes the most difference between moving companies. While some movers include packing into their moving service, some of them will charge you extra. However, paying more cash for the packing service is not necessarily a bad thing. If you need to pack and secure some fragile items in your home, a good moving company will need to take special care of it.

When comparing moving companies, you should know that packing services might be included in the final price. For example, if you are moving a huge inventory on another continent, the price of your move might be pretty high. If your movers give you a fixed rate for such a big job, they might include the packing service, too.

More tips on comparing moving companies

When organizing your move, hiring right movers might take a lot of your time. You must first find recommendations for some companies, compare them and choose the right service. Before comparing moving companies, you should browse the internet and find more information about how moving companies work. On good online moving guides like Master Moving Guide, you can find additional articles regarding this subject. Also, you should think about what your priorities are. Before the moving day comes, you should know your budget and think about the service you want to pay for. Take a look at some of the reasons for comparing moving companies:

  • Not every moving company is reliable. By comparing two or more of them, you will make sure to avoid a moving scam.
  • Some movers offer prices that sound too good to be true. If you think that the offer seems “too appealing”, you should compare different prices and then make your decision.
  • Most of moving mistakes come from hiring the wrong moving company. Make sure to learn from someone else’s mistakes. You can do this by looking at the online reviews of the companies you wish to hire.

Comparing moving companies might take some time, but it pays off in the end. Hiring a good moving company is not easy, especially if you don’t have previous experience. This is why you should make sure to think twice before hiring appropriate moving assistance. We hope that these tips helped you with your search. Good luck with your moving, and good luck with hiring a trustworthy moving company!

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