Coolest neighborhoods in Denver ranked by young professionals

neighborhoods in Denver to move to as a young professional.

There are so many things making Denver the perfect city to live in as a young professional. If you live in Denver, you are already aware of this. There are so many fantastic job opportunities to explore as well as places where you can have lots of fun. If you don’t live in Denver but moving to Denver is an idea you have been thinking about for some time, just do it! Denver has so much to offer, especially to young professionals. But choosing the right neighborhood to move to can be a challenge. This is why we had young professionals who live in Denver rank the coolest neighborhoods in Denver to make choosing where to relocate easier. Each neighborhood in Denver has its own thing that makes it cool and a good place to live so if you wanted to find out more, you are in the right place.

The Downtown or LoDo

Certainly that the first out of many neighborhoods in Denver that are considered to be the coolest ones is LoDo or more commonly known as the Downtown of Denver. It is one of the oldest parts of the city. And it is one of the coolest as this is where some of the oldest buildings in the city of Denver can be found. Even though there are lots of old buildings, this part of the city is very modern and urban. This is where you can find the most beautiful high-rise apartments.

Why this part of the city is considered to be a good place to live according to young professionals of Denver is because it has great public transport. Most buses and metro trains pass through this part of the city which means that you can go anywhere by public transport which saves you a lot of money. If living in LoDo you really do not need a car as you can always use public transport or simply walk. You can reach any part of the neighborhood on foot as well. No wonder why this is one of the cities most Americans are moving to over the last few years.

LoDo street.
LoDo is definitely one of the busiest parts of the city.

If you love drinking beer and hanging out in pubs or bars with friends or colleagues, you will adore living in this particular neighborhood. There are so many local pubs and bars to explore. If you didn’t know by now, Denver is known for lots of local craft beer breweries. You can try some of the best beer in the places located in this area. This also makes it a good place for starting a business of your own as plenty of tourists pass through the neighborhood. No matter where you are moving from, Homegrown Moving Company Denver can help you make relocation easier to handle. Even moving your business is a possibility.

Capitol Hill

If living in the city center is what you prefer but LoDo just doesn’t seem like a place for you, not far away from it is another one of the coolest neighborhoods in Denver but in a completely different way. This is a more modern part of the city but still, it has lots of very old buildings. There are not many bars and breweries in this area. This makes it so much different from Downtown. This is where you can find most art galleries and museums in the city of Denver. There are six beautiful museums that you must absolutely visit after moving to Capitol Hill even if you aren’t a fan of museums. These will leave you wanting to see more!

Denver buildings.
A mix of old and new buildings makes this neighborhood very unique.

Capitol Hill is a nice neighborhood to live in for plenty more reasons. One of them is the fact that there are parks and walking trails everywhere. It is another neighborhood for which you don’t need to own a car in order to be able to function normally. The neighborhood is well-organized. You have all you need within a walking distance. This neighborhood is good for those who are planning on starting a family as it is peaceful and quiet. You do see lots of tourists on the streets of this neighborhood as well because of the large number of museums. But, it still isn’t as busy as LoDo. These are just some of the reasons why it is one of the best cities in the United States to move to as young professionals.


One of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Denver is Highland. It is a chic neighborhood where lots of young people live. The main reason people started to move here is because of just how affordable living in Highland is. But now, people move to this amazing part of Denver because it is very unique. If you decide to relocate here, leave transfer to experts and make relocation to Denver easier.

Most buildings are modern. There are lots of murals and contemporary apartments in this area as well. You also have plenty of stores where you can shop as well as some amazing restaurants where you can try lots of good food. If you are moving with kids to Denver, this is a neighborhood we recommend considering calling your new home.

Woman on balcony in Denver.
There are plenty of reasons why young professionals love Denver.

Not only is the neighborhood affordable when it comes to renting or buying a home, but it is also safe. Even though there are lots of bars and clubs in this area, not a lot of things happen here. The nights are peaceful and quiet throughout the week. Then of course Friday and Saturday are when you have lots of things happening on the streets of Highland. But this is exactly what makes it a perfect neighborhood for young professionals to live in.

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